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Bootstrap 5 Alpha is officially here! What’s in store for you?
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Bootstrap 5 Alpha is officially here! What’s in store for you?
The first alpha version of Bootstrap 5 has finally arrived with many exciting changes and updates. Read more details in this article.

Bootstrap, ranked as the 7th most starred project with 142K stars and 69.4K Forks on GitHub, is the most popular front-end framework used to build responsive, and dynamic interfaces for websites and web applications. 

Bootstrap consists of web designing templates based on HTML and CSS for various modules and components of the website/web application, empowering the developers to use the template with the necessary modifications if required. Being a free and open-source collection of HTML, CSS, Javascript code snippets, Bootstrap has not only made the development process more flexible and faster but also has extended its boundaries,  broadening the scope of growth and improvement.

With so many incredible features and facilities, Bootstrap has always been in the top tech list of the developers and so is ours, encouraging us to track every change introduced in the framework. Bootstrap consistently releases the versions and patches to keep up with the user expectations and market demands,  already having 4 major versions releases with more than 25 patches to date, which haven’t stopped yet.

The alpha version of the latest and likely most powerful version of Bootstrap, i.e, Bootstrap 5 is already here, officially released on June 16, 2020. The power of the version can be observed through the first release of the alpha version itself, which has come up with so many amazing changes in the existing version and promises to bring even more shortly. Check it out at Bootstrap 5 Alpha released! Dropped support for jQuery and Internet Explorer.

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