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WordPress vs Drupal which one is better for your business website
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Compatibility with several plugins ensure a smooth ride in future as well because you would always want a scalable WordPress theme as your needs and requirements in future can increase manifold.

Several CMS exist in our ecosystem of websites and one should consider the easiest, fastest and the better CMS out of the many that exist in the world. 

Here we are comparing one of the 2 best CMS in the world in terms of numbers and usage and giving you valid reasons for why to use one of them out of the 2. 

If you are going to consider opening your shop online or getting your business online then you should consider reading this article because you might be promoted to a CMS website one day or the other and for taking a bold decision then its better to be prepared now. 

Hence here are our Comparison points which should help you consider selecting Drupal or WordPress from out of the many CMS we have: 

Ease of Use: While most people still prefer website designers and developers to create their website many don’t have the required budget. Plus most designers and developers create someones website and then people realize it is tough to manage and then have to spend more money to keep or hire someone to manage their websites. This is again a tedious task and cumbersome and of course ultimately hits your pockets. Hence in this case lets compare the 2 CMS. Drupal on one hand is very easy when it comes to ease of use for developers but when you look the backend as a CMS for editing your already done pages etc it looks a bit old and cumbersome for someone who is just learning to use a CMS and building pages on his website. On the other hand the WordPress dashboard looks freshly new and awesome and has just a few tabs to ease someone who is just considering building their website on top of what the developer has done for them. 

Secondly not all people consider using a developer or designer and might purchase a theme and develop their website. In that case WordPress is hands down super easy to manage and develop a website. 

Extensions and Scalability: When it comes to extensions and plugins and scalability this round also goes to WordPress because it has 5000+ plugins, and several thousand theme developers and several plugin developers on private websites trying to sell their plugins and themes which have unlimited possibilities and extensions possible from as simple as multiple slider options to page builders for building fanciest content you can imagine. Drupal on the other had still has a few bas modules and depends heavily on the developer or designer to develop something custom. While developers would still prefer Drupal if they want to build a custom website for someone novice and looking to develop a site quickly without much budget WordPress is the way to go. 

Security: Security point of view Drupal is very good when it comes to default WordPress and Drupal compared side to side. However with a few security plugins installed WordPress becomes rock solid in terms of security. So for someone who just wants to use WordPress due to its ease of use one can consider to install those plugins and make it as secured as Drupal. 

SEO: Of course the best CMS in the world when it comes to SEO is WordPress and this has been officially accepted by Matt Cutts of Google as well. Even his personal blog is developed on WordPress CMS and that is a big plus point for the former CMS over Drupal. 

Performance: When it comes to performance and fast loading WordPress again wins due to its structure. However with more bulky plugins and several theme functionality it can still become slow. But that can also happen with Drupal as well. But as a performance stand point and faster approach WordPress is definitely the winner. 

Conclusion: WordPress is hands down super easy to learn and the learning curve is minimal and it is easy to use and expand its scalability. The Community is ever growing and everyone is looking to help and one can find free themes for WordPress and start off with free plugins and build their website at no added cost of developer. 

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