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Today we produce a superior supply of the world's finest, all-natural blue agave nectar. We hope you enjoy Nectavé—the healthier sweet.

Searching for something better and sweeter than honey? Then, your answer is Agave nectar. Some of the most delicious and yummy-licious syrup to enjoy with our drinks and desserts can be compensated with this sweetener. Known to be used in our modern day cooking and having loads of health benefits, it seems like this sweetener is here to take over the town. If you do not know much about it, here’s some information for you:

So, what is Agave Nectar? 

Agave nectar comes from the blue agave plant mostly found in desert regions and hilly areas in Mexico. A dark amber colored syrup extracted from the honey water of the plant and then processed and thickened into a sweetener, Premium Organic Agave Nectar are the ones that you usually come across in jars in stores. And did you know? Agave nectar is mostly famous for using it in the production of Tequila!

Why is Agave Nectar better than sugar or honey?

Agave nectar is usually purchased as a substitute to honey for vegan consumers. Agave nectar is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and contains almost the same amount of calories and therefore, can be used in a lesser amount compared to sugar. But the immense popularity that Agave nectar has recently gained is because of the reasons as to how it helps its end users. We shall see in the following as how.

What are the benefits of Agave Nectar? 

Some of the benefits of Agave nectar have been listed below: 
1.  It has a very low amount of glycemic index and is high in fructose as compared to honey or sugar which makes it a popular, diabetic friendly sweetening option. 
2.  It acts as a healthier choice compared to sugar as a sweetener due to needing less agave nectar to achieve the same sweetness levels of sugar. 
3.  It is beneficial for those who are vegans as it is made of plant extracts. 
4.  It is much more organic as compared to other sweetener and can act as a natural sweetener as most of our foods contain some kind of chemical or go through some sort of chemical processing and cannot be considered fully organic and thus, healthy for us. 
5.  Due to its high sweetness quotient, you do not have to use it too much in our food and drinks and thus, can be saved for a longer time. 
6.  Its composition containing fructose helps to make it a substitute for many energy bars and therefore, is known to contain in many energy drinks and bars. 
7.  You can always use this as a sweetener for your food, drinks or any dessert and that is a great advantage.

So, what are you waiting for? Run to the nearest stores to grab your very own bottle of agave nectar and add it to your food to make it more yummy!

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Today we produce a superior supply of the world's finest, all-natural blue agave nectar. We hope you enjoy Nectavé—the healthier sweet.

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Nectave produces a superior supply of the world's finest, all-natural blue agave nectar. Nectave is all natural and organically grown-better for you and the environment.