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How To Choose The Best Ceramic Tiles For You
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How To Choose The Best Ceramic Tiles For You
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Nowadays, ceramic tile with its changeable style, rich pattern, complete function, and easy to clean characteristics, is very popular in the home decoration market. It is mostly used in the kitchen and toilet space, almost "no home without tiles".

How To Choose The Best Ceramic Tiles For You

Check Labelp

There should be factory name, address, product name, after-sales service telephone number, specification, quantity, trademark, production date and standards on the product packaging box. For ceramic tiles, CCC certification mark should be checked. For tiles for interior design and decoration, products with radionuclides meeting class a requirements should be selected. Meanwhile marble tiles at become more and more popular during the home decoration. 

Check Outside Of Tiles

Good quality ceramic tile glaze should be smooth, delicate, glossy glaze crystal, matte glaze soft and comfortable. Under sufficient natural light or fluorescent light, when the brick is vertically observed at a distance of 1 m, no obvious glaze defects can be seen. The pattern of decorative pattern should be delicate and lifelike, without obvious defects such as lack of color, broken line and dislocation. The pattern and trademark on the back of high-quality ceramic products are clear and complete, with few glaze marks or defects.

Stitching Effect

Good tile size deviation is small, a batch of products will be placed vertically on a plane to see if there is uneven phenomenon. Then look at the flatness, you can close the edges of the two bricks together to see if there is a gap. Good products have small deformation, and the tile surface is smooth and beautiful after paving. Look at the color difference of the products, put a few bricks together, and check carefully in sufficient light. The overall effect of the products with different shades is not good after paving.

Tap and Listen

Tap the ceramic tile gently, listen to its sound carefully, the product with better quality sounds crisp and pleasant. The products with poor quality will emit "empty" sound when knocking because of improper raw material formula, short firing cycle and low firing temperature.

Ceramic Tile Weight

Weigh the weight of ceramic tile, generally speaking, the same specification of ceramic tile, the weight of low water absorption, internal quality is better.

Contrast Varieties

Floor tiles are divided into glazed floor tiles and unglazed floor tiles according to glaze conditions. Glazed floor tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of toilets and kitchens, and are used together with interior wall tiles. Most of the floor tiles are polished to become polished tiles. The water absorption of most polished bricks is less than 0.1%, which is also called vitrified brick. The surface of polished brick is as smooth as a mirror. It is a high-grade ceramic product.

Ceramic Tile 

When paving ceramic tiles, many consumers and workers have encountered the problem that it is difficult to align the edges and corners, which indicates that the straightness of ceramic tiles may not pass the standard. In the selection of ceramic tiles, randomly select a few pieces, look at them along the edge and diagonal of the tiles, if you find that there is "edge warping" phenomenon, it means that the straightness of the tiles is not enough, if not, it means that the straightness of the tiles basically passes the standard, which is also a small trick to buy ceramic tiles.

Special Characteristics

When choosing floor tiles, we should first consider the overall style of interior design, determine the general color tone of tiles, and the feeling after tile decoration, so as to coordinate with the overall style of the room, such as modern simple, modern simple style can choose polished tiles and vitrified tiles, vitrified tiles are similar to polished tiles, but the production requirements are higher, the press is better, and can be pressed Higher density and higher firing temperature can achieve all ceramic.

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