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Animal Crossing Beginner Tips
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There are several new players in Animal Crossing New Horizons who can complicate many things. If you just began games from an island in the desert, and you don't know what to do. Here are few good tips to share with the ACNH guide to prevent problems.  At the best store akrpg to buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to enjoy the games with your friends!

Tips & Strategies for Beginners: ACNH 6 New Horizons Animal Crossing Guide 

ACNH Tip NO.1- How to effectively catch fish in new horizons of animal crossing 

There's a lot of time you spend wandering around your island, catching bugs and sending them whispers as you get new ones. The fact is that you sometimes do not even know whether you have bugs and fish before, or donate them. Then you take all the bugs and the fishes and he'll tell you oh no that you've given them all. It must feel sucks when you waste time and resources, but "oh no you've offered everything" 

Tips for catching fish and bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons, anytime a new bug or fresh fish is finally catched, the character will say yes to what you caught on the screen before he tells you what. Once the alternative dialog says yes and you donate correctly. 

ACNH Tip NO.2 - How to improve your speed in animal traversing 

These are the animal crossing tricks some experienced players even don't know, although they are easy. If you do business, you can spam the button A to speed up the animation and you can click the button B to speed up the dialog if you speak to villagers. But would you remember, you only have to press it double twice while you're crafting A spam, and it's going to go quicker, so you can save your thumb muscles? Were you also aware that the dialog can only be speededed by clicking the button L instead to speed up the dialog with villagers? 

ACNH NO.3 - How to acquire new Horizon DIY products 

Buy the DIY recipe items in Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most important activities. Here is the Animal Crossing Guide that provides beginners with 2 ways to get free DIYS: 

- The first tip is to ensure that the bottle is picked up every day along your beaches. Moreover, it has both a letter and a DIY in the glass. You must do this every day and you do not skip that because every time you are one day behind you. 

- The second tip is to ensure that your DIY is made by running to your island's village homes and seeking a local who makes a DIY. If a village owner works, your friends can purchase an Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket on your island, fortunately he can earn the same DIY things. 

ACNH tip No.4 - Crossing animals New Horizons How To Get ACNH Bells For Free 

Have you ever walked around your island and seen the little stars on the ground? There's an object hidden underground, but what you certainly don't know is that you encounter a wonderful golden beam while running up. When you dig up, 1 000 ACNH bells will be delivered free of charge. In comparison, up to 10 000 bells can be buried in a pit before they grow into a tree, which gives you three times as many bells. Or directly from you buy cheap ACNH bells. 

ACNH tip NO.5 — How to sell new Horizons at the right price 

You are actually taking the fish at present and exporting it to the Cranny Nook. But both CJand Flick will come with their own turnouts if you can wait a little longer. Flex Bug Tournament and CJ Fish Capturing Tournament are taking place. The best advice from ACNH for beginners is to market the fish that are caught in your island that day. 

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