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Top 6 Benefits of planting trees

Why do we plant trees and what are the benefits of planting tree one inside our yard?

Why do we plant trees and what are the benefits of planting tree one inside our yard? Trees are the crucial part of our life as they give shelter, prevent soil erosion, provide ample of beautiful scenery around, gives shelter not only for human but also provides canopy and habitat for wildlife such as birds, bees, squirrels, and possums. They even help in giving business as any plantation that surrounds a house looks more beautiful and that particular house is increased by 15 percent of its value.


The best facts to know the benefits are below-


1.     They improve air quality – the most important benefit we get is trees improve the air quality around us and protect the environment from dust and pollution because of which we get pure oxygen which is a necessary for us to breathe.

2.     Saves water – trees gives shades which slows water evaporation from the lawns and create atmospheric moisture from the newly planted greens

3.     Looks appealing to buyers – when surrounded with trees, the house look appealing and beautiful to live around. It gives positivity and keeps us away from all kind of wastes and unhealthy environment

4.     Healing therapy – with surrounded by trees, the patients often reduce the pain and heal faster than the rest as gazing at them reduce mental fatigue and less complications to recover.

5.     They block things – when tall trees are planted on the sides of the roads, they helps us block the sun rays falling on the shield while driving. Trees and landscaping help to reduce the level of fear.

6.     Unite people – trees often have the ability to unite people around due to its feature of feeling safe. It gives opportunity for the community to get together and spend some quality time irrespective of their culture, ages, and genders. They encourage us for civic pride.


Plant trees as many as possible as the survey says that one tree planted can give cool winter winds equivalent to 10 air conditioned rooms. Also learn to maintain the trees and provide proper soil they grow in.


Do not cut down the trees if they grown, just trim them to save the trees. We are Anaheim based tree Care Company providing 360 degree solutions for residential and commercial premises.

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