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Tree Caring Dos and Don’ts

Tree Caring Dos and Don’ts
Tree caring is a science but it’s an art too. People living in Anaheim and Orange County are familiar with Palm trees. Here, we have listed several dos’ and don’ts of tree care.

Taking Care of a tree is equally challenging as baby care. As like a new-born baby, tree can’t apprise the issues going on or supposed to go, one has to read its countenance and it requires year’s long study in arboriculture and professional experience.

For a passionate homemaker, Backyard and its plantation & lawn are one of the high interest part. That is the reason, few people treat themselves as arborists and play with trees and their life as well. Nurturing a lawn and small plants in your backyard is totally a different story than giant tree. I advise a professional tree company, DIY instead. However, if you want to do it then don’t forget to go through the dos and don’ts tips below.

For you

Do wear safety glasses, gloves, long pants, full sleeves.

Do climb a tree only if you wear climbing spikes.

Do check wind speed before climbing on a tree. Avoid tree trimming or pruning in heavy wind or stormy weather.

Don’t prune or cut the tree which is too close to power lines. It could be a life threatening electrocute event or resulting in power cut if a limb falls on a power line. Call your city service and they will do it for free of cost. If you are living in Anaheim or surrounding area then call Southern California Edison.

Pruning a tree near to power lines: 1-800-990-7788

Removing a dead or diseased tree fall on power lines: 1-800-640-3652

Report a tree growing into or power lines: 1-800-655-4555

When a kite or balloon gets stuck in a tree near power cable: 1-800-611-1911

For more info, you can visit Southern California Edison website

Don’t use chain saw when you are on a ladder. Avoid pruning tree or branch of the tree that needs chain saw and a ladder. Leave it to experts.

For Tree

Do check distance between trees. Roots grow two to four times of the diameter of the tree crown. Planting trees too close to each other may affect the overall growth of trees’ roots and ultimately the tree.

Do plant native trees for the area you are living. It needs minimal effort and maximize the greenery around you. Spending time on cultivating trees those are unfriendly with the soil and weather of your area is never been a good idea.

Do prune your tree in winter that helps to grow the tree in spring but prune after coldest days of the season passed.

Do prune 25 percent or less of the tree’s foliage in growing season.

Do remove broken or damaged limbs or branches regular basis. It is like cleaning a house daily. Special attention required after storm or heavy winds. Contact your insurance agency if tree is fallen on your vehicle or property. Cleaning up the scene before survey could be the reason for claim rejection.


Don’t overwater your tree. Adequate water is a basic need but overwatering it is an invitation for decaying or pest raid.

Don’t be a superhero when there is a giant tree in your back yard. Trimming or cutting or removal of such a tree may cause to serious injury or damage to property or vehicles. Call Anaheim’s professional arborist at (657) 226-1245 and ask for free on-site inspection and a no-obligation estimate.

Don’t prune a tree that is not older than one year.

For any assistance pertaining to tree service or arborist advice, call Anaheim Tree care or visit our website

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