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Top Myths about DTG Printing

Top Myths about DTG Printing
Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a process of printing graphics (images, designs, etc.) directly onto fabrics.

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a process of printing graphics (images, designs, etc.) directly onto fabrics. This is done with the help of advanced DTG printers that allow businesses to print cool t-shirts according to the requirements of their buyers. This allows producing a number of intricate designs on different fabrics that stay on the fabrics for a long time.

It is also known as digital apparel printing, where heat presses are used to print the designs directly on the fabric. If compared to other traditional printing methods, DTH printing is very much flexible and affordable. However, there are many myths associated with DTG printing as well. We have compiled a list of the top ones here.

You can’t wash DTG-printed fabric

Truth: DTG printing technology utilizes the latest methods of printing where the DTG inks are absorbed into the fabric, allowing it to last longer. The Truth about the washing-related myth is that DTG-printed apparel won’t wash properly if you do not properly cure it. When cured perfectly, the t-shirt will wash like a screen print. Experts claim that the standard washing scale for DTG-printed t-shirts is 50 cycles.

Polyester isn’t suitable for DTG printing

Truth: Some polyester is printable and its future is quite bright when used DTG printers. Of course, we all know that DTG printing is best for 100% cotton and blends with high cotton content, but there are many kinds of polyester garments that allow DTG prints. All you have to do is to apply polyester DTG pre-treatment solutions carefully on the fabric and decorating with a CMYK image. IF all steps are done properly, the result looks like a sublimation print.

DTG printing is a slow process

Truth: This is just not right to say that DTG promotional product printer work slow and produce fewer images in comparison to other methods. In fact, it is more efficient to print 500 shirts using screen printing instead. There have been many experiences where the DTG printing has been found great choice for shorter runs; in fact, you can make money by printing just one shirt.

DTG printing is expensive choice

Truth: If you are also among those who believe that DTG printing is an expensive method in comparison to other traditional methods, then you are wrong as printing with this technology is rather affordable than the other methods. There are many factors that may be considered when calculating the actual cost of the final products such as the life of DTG printers and the quality delivered by DTG inks.

Final Words

A DTG printer or promotional product printer is capable of delivering great results to your investments into the printing business, allowing you to produce multiple printed t-shirts within a short time. And each of the products is able to last longer with great washing capabilities. You can wash these t-shirts without any stress as their life is more than what you may expect. So, enjoy printing with DTG technology with no worries at all because it’s the future of t-shirt printing.


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