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Things to Know about Heat Press Machines

Things to Know about Heat Press Machines
The heat press machine is the most important piece of equipment in any DTG printing business. I am not saying your printer is not important, but, you can print anything with the printer.....

The heat press machine is the most important piece of equipment in any DTG printing business. I am not saying your printer is not important, but, you can print anything with the printer and still have challenges to ensure quality remains consistent. With the heat press machine, you seal the ink on the garment which ensures quality, the pattern remains where you want it, and the customer is happy. There are many types of heat press machine on the market of varying costs; however, it is important when buying a heat press you choose the one that fit your needs. Sometimes people look at the cost in relation to the job they have to do and choose a piece of equipment that does not fit with what they want to produce.

Here are names of some Heat Press Machines on the market:

·        DK20A Auto Clam Shell Heat Press

·        DK20 Budget Business Heat Press

·        JP14 Entry Level Heat Press

·        DK20S Swing Away Heat Press

·        DKSP Swing Away Air Heat Press

·        Heat Press for Caps and Hats

Here are Heat Press Machine options you may want to consider when deciding to purchase:

·        Air Operated Press

·        Manual versus Automatic Press

·        Clam Shell versus Swing Away Press

·        Size Platen(base part of heat press) for needs

Choosing to purchase any of the above press machines not only because of the cost, but also based on the options mentioned is a smart way to buy. The consideration of space, job capacity, turn-over time you want for the business as well as the quality end product is important. Warranty is also a huge factor in buying.  You want to know your options for a good warranty period for the equipment in the event of maintenance issues. The kind of technology each machine affords in relation to what you are doing in your DTG business. Remember, the DTG business does not only encompass printing T-Shirts, there is a myriad of items which can be incorporated into your services to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Description of the Above Options

·        Air Operated press comes with automatic push button operational controls. It also uses air pressure to lift and move the top half of the press. This eliminates the need for manual effort for this operation.

·        The manual versus automatic heat press machines give you the option of quality every time. Manual determines you having to remove the press from the garment, while,  with the automatic, you can program times into the machine and it automatically lifts from garment after pressing. This eliminates over treating garment.

·        The Clam Shell press is a manual top operated press that you have to lift the handle to remove the garment from the platen after pressing. This also exposes you to a lot of heat when the clam effect is released.

·        The Swing Away press, on the other hand, eliminated this operation; as, after pressing it lifts from the surface slightly, hovers and then swings away from the garment. This action also eliminates the exposure to excess heat.

·        Platen size is very important, you do not want to have the difficulty when printing varying size garments that are not able to fit properly on the table surface. Realize the jobs you will contract and determine the size platen you will need. This as well will determine the model Heat Press Machine to buy.

The right Heat Press Machine for your DTG printing business is crucial to your success. Gone are the days of doing T-Shirt printing manually and pressing as well. Technology has eliminated most of the effort and ensures quality results for whatever job you undertake.



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