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Investigate Your Property before Purchase Through Residential Property Survey
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Buying a home is a huge decision that will involve many different factors. It makes sense to do your research before finalizing the sale,

Buying a home is a huge decision that will involve many different factors. It makes sense to do your research before finalizing the sale, so you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality property. Moreover, it ensures that the home is exactly as stated in the description. A residential property survey is a crucial step to this research, as it will verify all the critical details about the land and its features and reveal other details that may be critical to informed decision-making. Think of it as a form of due diligence, which must be conducted before signing contracts involving a sale or a purchase. 

residential property survey can reveal a lot of things about your prospective home. It is not merely about making measurements and verifying the size and quality of the land, as it takes a closer look at other details, such as previous surveys conducted, its history, determining the boundaries and plot, and analyzing the land. This makes the survey more crucial before you build any property or in case of dubious lands. However, you can also request this survey from a reputable land surveying firm before purchasing any home.

Skilled land surveyors will conduct the residential property survey using innovative technologies and equipment to provide accurate and precise results. Their findings may be able to speed up your decision-making regarding the purchase of the home, while ensuring an informed decision. Residential property surveys are also practical when you want to identify or verify the boundaries, house site plans, and lot splits, or determine the location of foundations, and stake property lines.

In conducting a high-quality residential property survey, surveyors will identify and measure every location multiple times, averaging the results to determine the accurate position of any point on the map. They will advise you on any obvious differences between previous and current land records and surveys, including any parts where a neighboring property might have encroached on your property. In case of any issues, they can also serve as your witness. Just be sure to choose an established land surveyor that is trusted by repeat clients from public and private sectors in the country.

About the Author:

Armando Dupont, a professional land surveyor, started his career in surveying in 1977 and has extensive experience in managing personnel and projects. His experience includes: topographic mapping, boundary surveys and analysis, construction and control surveying, preparation of tract and parcel maps, earth work calculation and quantities, targeting and control for photogrammetric, and land title surveys in accordance with the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. Mr. DuPont founded Calvada Surveying, Inc. in 1989 and is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the State of California.

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The residential property survey is one of the first things you must consider doing when buying a home or before you make any renovations or expansions on your property.
Whether you are buying new property, or you intend to build or renovate on an existing one, it makes sense to get to know it well before proceeding with your project to ensure that it is safe.
If you are thinking of renovating, adding to, or selling your property, it pays to know more about its boundaries, history, and measurements before you do anything.
Your property has a history of contamination and environmental damage, but is it safe to use? You can never be truly sure about the usability and safety of your land
You need to make sure that it will be safe to renovate or build on your property before you embark on any project.
Whether you are planning to build on land or purchase property, it makes sense to have it surveyed before you proceed.

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