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Advertisement Has Just Been Taken To A New Height

Advertisement Has Just Been Taken To A New Height
Digital display has just been taken to a whole new level. A big improvement has been made on large displays. iPhone app developers have created a giant interactive tablet.

Digital display has just been taken to a whole new level. A big improvement has been made on large displays. iPhone app developers have created a giant interactive tablet. This new technology will definitely revolutionize advertisement industry. New large mobile devices have been launched. These large tablets come in two sizes – 55 inches and 27 inches.

They are not just displayed units, they are interactive. This means that they respond to touches and they answer questions just like your mobile devices. When a digital billboard is placed somewhere, a salesperson is also usually placed around it just in case a viewer might want to ask a few questions about what is being displayed. This would not be necessary for this giant mobile phone since it can respond to questions on its own. In fact, it responds to each question within 6 milliseconds.

Fortunately, iPhone app developers now develop apps that can work on all kinds of mobile devices irrespective of the size. iPhone app development is also important because mobile apps are the fuel these giant tablets work on. In a few years, companies and advertising agents that do not adopt this giant tablet technology might just be running themselves out of business.

A picture, they say is worth a thousand words. So, how many words is a video presentation worth? Most of all, how many words is an interactive display worth? This quote says it all. An interactive display should worth billions of words. Some of the reasons this new mobile advertisement technology has taken the world by storm have been outlined right below.


You can put the tablets to different use. It all depends on the mobile apps that you install in them. This technology also underscores the indispensability of iPhone application development as you need iPhone app developers for the giant tablets. Just like you will delete any mobile app that is no longer required on your mobile device, you can do the same with these tablets too. You can uninstall apps and install new ones and even reinstall old ones without hiring mobile app developers again. It is the purpose that will determine the required app. You can install an app about an explainer video of a product or a set of products and you can install a presentation about something else.

They support Facebook and Twitter

Conventional display units don’t respond to touches and neither do they support social media but both Facebook and Twitter can be integrated into these tablets. They are just like your mobile device. Twitter app and Facebook app can both be installed on them. The biggest advantage of this feature is that you can share any presentation on Facebook and Twitter. All your Facebook friends and followers and all your Twitter followers will get to see it and they can also share it further. Being able to share any presentation on Facebook makes posts go viral easily.

Little staff input

Whatever you intend to present with any of these giant tablets can be done with little or no input from your staff. Being an interactive display unit means that the unit can interact with viewers on its own. Viewers can ask as many questions as possible and it will respond to each of them. It also responds to all other commands issued through its touch screen. It combines stunning display with loud and clear sounds. So, its presentations are always very clear.

Staff training

The tablets can be used for training presentations. You only need to prepare a very clear and detailed training presentation and present it on the platform. The screen size makes its presentation very interesting. Trainees can wait until after the training to ask their questions by touching its screen.


One thing about video apps is that wider screens offer more fun. Even some games that were not interesting when played on smaller screens appeared twice as interesting when played on a wider screen. So, you really haven’t played any video game if you have not played it on a 55-inch screen. Just imagine the fun. When you graduate from 10-inch screen to either 27-inch or 55-inch screens, the theme will be more captivating, the graphics will be stunning and the sound effect will be compelling. The only problem with playing a video game on this display unit is that you may not enjoy playing games on your small mobile device again.

PDF Files and Brochures

Brochures and voluminous documents are usually produced in PDF format. The device is compatible with acrobat readers so you can present brochures and other high-volume documents on it. PDF files are not the only ones that can be displayed on the tablets. They support all Microsoft Packages like Word, Excel, Access and most importantly, Powerpoint.

It replaces a digital salesperson

When you display an advert in any location, you will likely place a salesperson around the display unit to attend to questions and also generate sales leads. These display units do not need any salesperson as they can answer all the questions and even do sales conversion. It all depends on how effective your marketing content is. While a salesperson will only direct them on where the products can be bought, customers can order the products on these units directly as they are connected to internet. This will save you some kilobytes of data. It is often advisable to develop a large pool of FAQs and includes them in the marketing presentations.

Product Presentation

With its very wide screen, a giant tablet will provide clearer product presentation and also back it up by answering each of the viewers’ questions in just 6 milliseconds. They only need to watch the video and they will get to know all the important details about each product.

At this juncture, it is important to make some points clear. Interactive display units can only attract viewers to watch the presentation. It is the content of the display that can make them take required actions. The display units will only offer enough publicity and education about your products and services they won’t just shoot up your sales. It is your marketing content that will do that.

This is why you should concentrate on selling solutions and not products. Most people focus on their products and not the problems the products solve. Advertising your products will not give viewers reasons to buy them but when you advertise solutions, people will generally take the right actions.

Secondly, you need to make your content as brief as possible. Not all viewers will have the time to watch the full video so you need to make the presentation very short and also try to put the most important information first.

To summarize the point, these giant tablets will attract a lot of viewers and also respond to their questions just like a salesperson but it is the content that is being displayed that will make the viewers take the required action.

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