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How to Make Money from Blogging
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How to Make Money from Blogging
Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Unfortunately, I see too many people focused on SEO and ranks and not enough on what pays the bills – sharing!

Focus on SEO is important – rankings are great if you focus on SEO, but don’t get me wrong too much focus on the SEO and you will lose insight of what your blog is all about and you will lose sharing great info.

Keep your focus on sharing – bloggers who share insights, opinions and resources are the ones who make bank. Get the basic SEO up and then concentrate on sharing. 

Step 1: Pick A Profitable Niche

A profitable niche has four qualities. It has people who are willing to spend money on themselves or their loved ones. It has consumers that want to better their lives for some reason. It has info products for sale-books or digital courses. It has tangible items or tools they can buy.

Step 2: Find Out What They Need

Profitable blogger go out and research what their niche needs. They never assume. They read comments on Amazon reviews. They peek in on forums and other blogs. They read trade magazines to see what’s at the forefront of the niche. And when they start building a community, they listen to those who contact them.

Step 3: Sell It to Them

One of the most profitable ways you can make money on your blog is to be an info product creator. If someone asks how to keep their golf ball from starting off to the left and then veering right, you put out a guide on How to Stop Slicing, Research it, outline, and share the information for a fee. Authors of books physical or digital) are “experts” in the eyes of most people.

Step 4: Tell Them Where to Buy It

There are many other info products that you can promote as an affiliate. Buy them. Implement them. Review them on your blog. That builds loyalty and trust. Also promote tangible items on or other sites where you earn a commission when they buy through your link. Always be protective over your people – never lie.

Step 5: Spread the Word and Get Paid

Tweet your blog posts, put them on Google+, put them on Pinterest, share them on Facebook and have a plug-in that allows other to do the same. When you start sharing and people start trusting you, you’ll get conversions -and payment through PayPal instantly, Click Bank every two weeks and Amazon monthly.

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As Product Marketing Manager, Adam drives product-focused communications for WestendITStore.Com. He is actively involved in product strategy and specializes in articulating technical concepts in the form of creative, value-based messages. Adam brings 10 years of experience in marketing enterprise software/hardware products in startup, high-growth and mature companies.

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