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The Coffee Quitting Challenge
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Coffee addiction is one of the most pervasive health risks running across the United States. Although coffee has many benefits, one of its harshest risks is abdominal discomfort.

Why is Coffee a Problem?

Coffee addiction is one of the most pervasive health risks running across the United States. Although coffee has many benefits, one of its harshest risks is abdominal discomfort. Caffeine irritates the smaller intestine, causing spasms and cramps which can lead to constipation and diarrhea. It also stimulates peristalsis, the prompt that tells us to use the bathroom. When the food is emptied from the intestine too early, it can create irritation and infection. It can also cause the nutrients not to be absorbed before they leave the body. Even decaffeinated has laxatives and gastric emptying properties.

Why Do People Love Coffee?

People joke about it in public forums and post funny comics on Facebook. It is so heavily normalized that despite the adverse health effects, many people will shrug it off as though it did not matter. But it does matter.

Most coffee addicts have a cup first thing in the morning, before they have eaten anything. This will cause the body to produce hydrochloric acid, which is used to digest meals. Since it is being produced when it does not need to be, your body will have difficulty producing hydrochloric acid when the time comes to digest meals.

There are several other health risks that coffee addicts are particularly vulnerable to. Even though they are exposed to these potential threats, people love the quick energy and the immediate emptying effects that coffee has on the digestive system.

What is a Good Alternative?

Need an alternative? A B12 shot is a great alternative that will give you a lot of energy. Most medispas in Los Angeles offer vitamin therapy service that injects the vitamins directly into the bloodstream. It will give you a lot of energy throughout the week without the addictive effects of caffeine, nor any of the sugars, fats and extra calories you get from the average latte.

It’s even easier on the wallet. You can get a B12 shot for a week for $20. That is less than a $4.75 latte a day for five days (for a total of $23.75).

Vitamin Therapy is said to help control asthma, allergies, anxiety, depression, cancerous growth and many other ailments.

What About the Detox?

The very fact that such a thing as a “caffeine detox” even exists should be indicative that you should quit—after all, what’s to detox from but a toxin? Your medispa’s vitamin therapy will help you get rid of all of the toxins over time.

If you’re in or near Studio City, CA, look up Dr. Berkley Skin + Body and ask about B12 vitamin therapy!

About the Company:

Dr. Berkley Skin + Body is a medspa center situated in Studio City, CA. They are dedicated to provide beautiful skin with effectual laser hair removal, facials, skin tightening service in Los Angeles, CA & so many other treatments with the finest medical grade skin care products in Los Angeles, CA.

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