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Resurfacing your skin to shave off the years!
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Women in the past have enjoyed the traditional carbon dioxide lasers to effectively get rid of their hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Women in the past have enjoyed the traditional carbon dioxide lasers to effectively get rid of their hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. The downtime experienced from traditional lasers are lengthy, but they delivered promising results.

An improved laser has been researched and developed which uses carbon dioxide. The downtime experienced is significantly less, and it delivers the same phenomenal results. This makes it one of the most popular treatments people seek.

With age, skin wrinkles and lifetime wear or tear can cause hyperpigmentation or scars. Over time, the sun can cause uneven skin tones. Different types of peels are used to counteract this, but they are nowhere as effective as CO2 fractional laser therapy.

It takes an exasperated amount of peels, depending upon how concentrated they are, to reverse the signs of sun damage and scarring. A single CO2 fractional laser therapy procedure proves far more effective.

CO2 fractional laser therapy uses lasers to create tiny holes in the skin. The traditional lasers used would obliterate the entire surface of the skin; however, with the new procedure, the top layer of the skin can be preserved, which speeds up recovery time.

The tiny holes help to increase collagen production and helps to reveal newly formed skin. This procedure takes off several years from a person’s experience and the results can last up to 10 years.

During the procedure, cold air, which is attached to the scanner, is used to provide comfort to each patient. The N.P. customizes the size and shape of the treatment area so that overlapping is not experienced, and the procedure can be done in an easy manner. In addition, each skin condition is different, and each treatment can be customized to effectively treat different skin conditions.

All skin types can use CO2 skin resurfacing treatments effectively, gently and safely. Patients can expect to either drastically reduce their wrinkles or completely get rid of them. CO2 treatments are very effective at reversing the hands of time, removing scarring or sun damage.

CO2 lasers, offered at the Medi Spa Los Angeles, are amazing tools for resurfacing the skin and creating a drastic difference in appearance. Patients are happy with the results of their procedures. It’s important to take care of the skin, and it’s fortunate there are procedures available to assist those with skin issues that are otherwise difficult or impossible to remedy.

About the Company:

Dr. Berkley Skin + Body is a medspa center situated in Studio City, CA. They are dedicated to provide beautiful skin with effectual laser hair removal, facials, skin tightening service in Los Angeles, CA & so many other treatments with the finest medical grade skin care products in Los Angeles, CA.

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Dr. Berkley Skin + Body facility are 1500 square feet, with three facial rooms, an acupuncture room, a massage room and two medical procedure rooms.