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Scientific Terms for Skin Care
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Skin care is a topic that can be confusing. There are plenty of anti-aging creams, wipes, or processes that help pull the skin tighter and remove evidence of damage.

Skin care is a topic that can be confusing. There are plenty of anti-aging creams, wipes, or processes that help pull the skin tighter and remove evidence of damage. Looking through these products, the number of scientific terms used is daunting. How do you tell the good products apart or how do you specialize the products for your needs? Here are 4 common scientific skin care terms that might help decipher what you may need.


The root word of collagenesis is collagen. This element of the skin is essential to a taut and healthy looking skin. It is a protein that adds the youthful flex and snap of our skin. As we age the protein breaks down and the skin begins to sag. Collagenesis is the generation of new collagen to regain that smooth skin.

Skin Laxity

This word is what everyone wants to avoid. Skin laxity is the official word to describe how skin will stretch out and remain stretched. It can be helpful to think of skin laxity as relaxed skin. As discussed by collagenesis, skin laxity is caused by a lack of collagen. This is what facials in Studio City aim to prevent. So when those creams use collagenesis to treat skin laxity, now you know what that means.

Hyaluronic Acid

This word describes something that occurs naturally in our body. It can be found in the joints, our eyes, and in our skin. In the joints, it provides cushion for the impact of walking or running. In the skin, it gives a puffier more substantial appearance to the skin. It also prevents degradation from sun damage.

It can be applied after injuries such as minor burns or sunburns to regenerate the natural Hyaluronic acid. Alternatively, it can be applied as a refresher to ensure that the skin doesn’t lose natural density and health.


Microdermabrasion is broken up into three root words. Micro meaning small, derma meaning skin, and abrasion meaning to scrape. In total, it means to have small scrapes across the skin. This might sound damaging, but in fact it is rejuvenating for the skin.

The outermost layer of skin has most like become dry and damaged. Scraping away this thin layer gives a newer healthier layer of skin breathing room. It will allow the skin to look brighter and more vivacious.

Hopefully a little knowledge of the skin care world will help you understand how to use creams or follow procedures for refreshing the skin and glowing with a healthy new color. Skin is our outermost shell and takes a beating from life. Treating it may be a good way to feel better and look like a healthier you.

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