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Laboratory Fume Extractors: Everything You Need To Know
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A laboratory fume extractor is an integral device used in labs when they produce toxic fume during experiments and testing.

A A How Does A Fume Extractor Work?

The job of a For a fume hood to function correctly, the room it is installed in should have sufficient air. If the laboratory is a small space where the fume extractor is installed, ensure an additional air supply is available to expel air properly. If the laboratory has multiple fume extractors, you will also be required to use additional air supplies and the ventilation system in the lab.

How Important Is It To Use A Laboratory Fume Extractor?

The importance of using a laboratory fume extractor cannot be underplayed when one is working in a lab with hazardous materials. A fume extractor’s function is to drive the toxic air away from the user continuously.

A fume hood or extractor can be either ducted or ductless. A ducted fume extractor captures the unsafe air, fumes, and dirt. Dilutes it with more fresh air and releases it into the environment. On the other hand, a ductless fume extractor captures the fumes and toxic air, filters it, and recirculates the fresh and safe air into the laboratory.

Here are some ways how a Proper ventilation: One of the primary reasons almost all laboratories use a fume hood is that it provides proper ventilation. The fume extractor creates a safe barrier between the toxic air and the people in the lab so that the toxin cannot enter their bodies.

Safety from explosions: Although the fume hoods cannot handle big, harmful explosions, but they can handle small fires and explosions just fine. The sash acts as a shield, keeping the person who is experimenting safe from small fires and explosions. It can withstand a limited amount of impact, causing the glass to only 'spider' instead of breaking down.

Containing chemical spills: If you accidentally spill harmful chemicals in the middle of an experiment, the spill containment helps in limiting the effect of the spillage. However, it is designed to contain only minor spills.

These are some of the uses of the fume extractor. It not only removes the toxic air from inner surroundings of the lab, but it can also contain minor accidents that are common in labs. It would be best if you keep in mind that certain filters can filter only certain chemicals in a ductless fume hood. So while using a ductless extractor, make sure that the material and filter are compatible to avoid any accidents.

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