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ØMI's new track "Colorblind," With the Perfect Clarity in Its Presentations
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ØMI is the vocalist of international stature who has come up with his single Colorblind.

June 30, 2021

For Immediate Release

ØMI is about to release the song "Colorblind," which will demonstrate his range and depth as an exemplary artist. His new album is a soul-melting one.

Hiroomi Tosaka, a Japanese vocalist, has transcended the past into an international celebrity. His debut as a vocalist of the exile tribal Sandaime J Soul Brothers with "Best Friend's Girl" started in the music business. His fame was on a path upwards afterwards. In February 2021 he would finally make the move from Hiroomi Tosaka to the solo artist ØMI to help the debut of its self-produced "CDL Entertainment" venture.

He arrived to this position with his versatile and strong vocal music as the manifestation of an amazingly dedicated following. The first single digital, "Wasted Love," would be released through ØMI in July 2017. This provided the world a greater insight into who was the prodigy of Japanese music because his sound resonated with admirers globally.

"Colorblind" is indeed something that has been absent for a long time in the musical industry. ØMI opened up a new level of thanksgiving when showing some of the world's greatest vocals. He rides the rhythm easily as he makes a "Colorblind" interpretation. The tune shows the EP idea, conveying certain disputes and the artist's touching soulful feeling, representing the "shadow" phase of a project.

This generates a universe in which his singing expresses emotions and connects with the listener as a connection into his head and heart. ØMI has produced something very lovely for people to enjoy on, tune out the world, and get lost within with profound lyrics and melodic flows. It reflects many of the emotions that run through people's heads across the world, making "Colorblind" a music that anybody can relate to, regardless of region, geography, race, or social position. “Colorblind” is a treasure belonging to a group that is truly unique and will be remembered as a great EP. ØMI is a visionary artist with a unique style.

About ØMI

ØMI is the vocalist of international stature who has come up with his single Colorblind. His forthcoming project "ANSWER...SHADOW" is based on the legend of "Artemis," the goddess of life who has been passed down through the ages. The initiative promises to be an once-in-a-lifetime event.

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