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Top 10 Things to know about PMP Exam
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Dear Friends, The PMP Exam is not easy. But it is not hard too, especially if you understand what they need to test you on.

Through the PMP exam, you'll want some key points ingrained on your mind forever. These points are widely-used again and again in the PMP Exam Questions. Nothing difficult... Just simple principles, and once you are aware of them, you will be better prepared for the revised PMP exam.

Here are 10 Very Important Take into account remember for your PMP Exam:

1 . The project manager is empowered and has ultimate authority and accountability for the project. Therefore , the Project Manager must always be proactive, and look for areas of improvement, and communicate all the time, with all the key stakeholders. Be prepared to make decisions quickly, proactively, and solve problems quickly, directly, and effectively. People look upon you for direction and leadership.

2 . Projects needs to be strategically aligned with the high-level strategic objectives of the organization. This improves the chances of the project success. Do not include any changes to the project, which do not align to the corporate vision, as they will take up valuable time and resources. Get clarity from the Change Control Board (CCB) if required. The Sponsor or Client should be part of the CCB.

3. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) forms the basis of all estimating and project planning. It is part of Scope Management. A lot of people confuse the WBS being part of the Time Management Knowledge Area. Beware! The WBS is an extremely useful tool in clarifying the scope of the project. Because it is like a org chart ( and looks like a picture), it is easy to find any missing areas, are identify blind spots in the requirements.

4. Project Managers spend almost 90% of their time in communicating. It will not do you or the project any good if you simply hide in your cubicle and communicate using email alone. You will need to go out, and meet the scanning specialists, stakeholders, and understand what is being conducted in their world. Communication should be a 2 way thing. Not only Written, and not just one of many ways.

5. Planning is the most important of all the Project Management processes. Projects don't fail at the conclusion, they fail at the beginning - if they are not planned properly and accurately. Of the 42 processes in the PMBOK Guide, 20 belong to the Planning Process Group. And 48 questions out of the 200 come from Planning processes alone. So study this carefully. There is a proper sequence of doing the planning work, and it is not listed in the PMBOK Guide. Let me know if you need help in this area...

6. The Project Team needs to be involved early in the Planning process and in all major decisions concerning the project. The earlier you may onboard your project management team, the better it is. Do not make an attempt to do everything on your own. Make your project management team, who is able to assist you in the tasks. Remember that Project Management is an art, so you do not have to be a domain expert to manage projects successfully. You have to be good at managing people, communicating, negotiating, motivating, and have leadership qualities, which are more important than technical expertise.

7. Lessons Learned and Historical Records are essential inputs to just about every Project management process, especially Planning. For the sake of the PMP Exam, assume that an individual always has access to the Project management office (PMO), who will be capable of provide you with the required templates, checklists, procedures and policies. Next to your skin a complete archive of past projects' project files, templates, checklists, risk registers, milestone list, assumptions, constraints and so on You can easily get access to this handy resource for this project, through asking the PMO.

8. Project Stakeholders and their needs & expectations are very important and should be well managed and balanced from the at the beginning. Remember, the cost of making a change increases as time passes. So the early we can get the stakeholders involved, and see their inputs, complete requirements, the better it is to the project (and lower cost too). Stakeholder influence is highest in the beginning of the project, and comes down as the project reaches completion.

9. Quality Control is an internal affair. It will require the completed deliverables from the Executing Processes, and converts them into validated Deliverables. These deliverables are then tested by the customer from the Verify Scope Process, and converted into Accepted Deliverables. Which will processes happen in the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group. Many questions arise in the close relationship between these 2 processes.

10. Adding out-of-scope extras (also called "gold plating") to please project stakeholders adds no value and is strongly discouraged. You must always be on the lookout for "scope creep" and "gold plating", as they can take up energy and cost on the project. Remember also that adding scope increases risk and impacts time and cost too. So beware of adding any extras. Only deliver what is expected of you.

Understanding and memorizing these key points, and applying them to PMP exam questions will assist you to get correct answers.

Remember, while visiting doubt, go by the PMI PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition. Do not apply only practical project management knowledge if not you will fail the PMP exam.

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