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Filtration is the most important part of any aquarium

Filtration is the most important part of any aquarium
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Creating a beautiful aquarium requires paying attention to the filtration system. It is one of the most important factors of building an aquarium that stays visibly clean for a long time to come. It’s not enough to just set up the aquarium but also to think about what happens once the look of the brand new tank wears off. This is where filtration plays an important role.

If you’ve opted to include an aquarium in your commercial or personal space, you’ll need a reliable filtration system in place to keep your aquarium clean and healthy at all times. Aquatic Sealife is a marine aquarium store that houses many brands and products out of which the Seachem tidal power filter is one of them. Aquarium filters come in many varieties and they can be attached to the back of the aquarium easily.

You can also choose from canister filters that are placed externally and multi filters that perform a variety of tasks including filtration. What’s different about the Seachem tidal power filter is that it provides your aquarium with high-quality, comprehensive filtration and is extremely easy to use. This high quality filtration system is an excellent way to filter your aquarium and build the perfect environment for a variety of aquatic plants and fishes.

The Seachem tidal power filter is great for saltwater, freshwater, planted, or reef aquariums. With a long list of features, the Seachem tidal power filter available at our marine aquarium store is built with an amazing design that is innovative, versatile and easy to use. It can be used for up to 110 Gallons/ 400 L aquariums. It features a self priming pump, self cleaning impeller, surface skimmer, maintenance alert feature and a high capacity filter basket that holds all kinds of filtration media.

These filters provide high quality comprehensive filtration to your aquarium. It is perfect for all aquarium setups ranging in size from 55 gallons to 110 gallons. All Tidal Filters have a 3 year warranty that can be extended to 5 years by registering your filter. It has an oversized filtration capacity and also allows you to add any of Seachem’s media to the back of the unit. The Seachem tidal power filter has some of the best features that you can find.

You’ll also be able to customize the filter based upon your tank because of the levelling and the flow regulation. This ensures perfect filtration for all kinds of tanks. The maintenance monitor of the Seachem tidal power filter will give you an alert when the media inside the tank needs to be cleaned or replaced. This will help you maintain your aquarium seamlessly. The Seachem tidal power filter has a long list of premium features that you may not find in any other type of filter.


Aquatic Sealife is among the top saltwater aquarium shops that gives you the option to choose from the best best aquarium filters on the market. The filters have ventilation slots in the lid and aeration grooves in the outflow to ensure that the tank receives fully oxygenated water. Gas exchange is maximised during filtration because of the grooves and the slots. The Seachem tidal power filter consists of a pump that pushes water into the basket of the filter from the bottom and then filters it and pushes it out to the top and into the tank.

This bottom to top flow makes all the makes all the water get filtered by the high quality tidal power filter without going around it. The pump is completely insulated and does not make noise while working so you won’t have to worry about being too noisy unlike other filters. The silence of the filter makes it a perfect addition for aquariums in commercial spaces and dining rooms. The large Seachem tidal power filter uses only 12 watts of power consumption and is designed to deliver the highest water quality possible.

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