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OMG, Squirrels Eating Your Christmas Lights?

OMG, Squirrels Eating Your Christmas Lights?
Squirrels Can Cause a Lot of Damage to Your Outdoor Christmas Lights.

OMG, Squirrels Eating Your Christmas Lights?

If you've had this squirrel problem, let’s pause for a moment to understand why squirrels would chew Christmas lights. For example, Rats will chew wires because they seem similar to a native food source, (small twigs roots, and grasses), but squirrels have a different point of view. 

The current thinking is that squirrels chew the wires for the light bulbs. From a squirrel's perspective small Christmas light bulbs look like a potential food source, and chew the wires to retrieve colored “nuts” for their winter meals.

Here are a few common home pest control remedies that may solve the rodent problem:

1. Spray your wires with pepper spray or mint mouthwash, or citrus solution.

2. Some suggest predator urine is very effective.

3. Wrap everything up in duct tape or electrical tape.

4. Owl decoys are a good idea since almost all same rodents are afraid of owls and other birds of prey.

Some people out of frustration, resort to pesticides, on or around the lights, but we do not recommend that approach. Using poisons can have unintended consequences.  Birds, raccoons, and all kinds of beneficial animals can get accidentally poisoned. As a green company, we do not use pesticides or poisons for animal control.

Hope this helps.

Happy Holidays!

Carlos Gutierrez

Rapid Rodent Removal

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