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How to Launch an App: Avoid Before and After Mistakes (2020)
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How to Launch an App: Avoid Before and After Mistakes (2020)
To make your mobile app successful, you should avoid common mistakes before and after the mobile app launch. Here are the best 2020 techniques.

With the increase in demand for smartphones, the number of applications in the market is likewise flooding, thereby expanding the challenges for app proprietors to stay on the top. Mobile Application Development goes through multiple stages, from Requirement Analysis to picking up an appropriate App development framework and platform, to designing and testing, and finally the most awaited stage that is the App Launch. However, along with these stages, there are a few other important points that go unnoticed and become the major reason behind the Application failure.

Are you also unconsciously committing the pre- and post-launch mistakes that are hampering your application’s success?

Being an App marketer/owner one ought to be cautious during both the pre-launch and post-launch stages and prepare a full-fledged plan considering all the related nitty-gritty, instead of settling down on shortcuts for success. Having years of experience in the sector, here listed down are some pitfalls that you should avoid during your application’s pre-launch and post-launch stages and increase your chances of success.

Mistakes to Avoid Before the App Launch

The factors that are mostly considered before the Application launch comprise of App development cycle phases. As the developers put all of their endeavors concentrating on these activities, other factors such as the marketing research, app store optimization, planning the release date, etc. couldn’t stand out enough to be noticed, prompting the Application failure. If you are also dealing with the same situation and pondering about the hidden reasons for your Application failure despite investing so much effort, here are the most common mistakes that should be dodged before the App launch.

Insufficient Beta Testing

Beta Testing, a type of Acceptance Testing, gives you real user feedback which can be used to make improvements in the software before making it public. Beta Testing is done by a specific set of users in the real-life environment, reducing the probability of product failure in the future, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Beta testing is done in the final stages of the Software Development Lifecycle when the Software is almost completed and ready for the release. Lack of proper Beta Testing might prevent you from discovering the hidden error, leading to a software crash, which is considered to be the reason behind 71% application uninstallation by Forbes and ruining the company’s reputation as well.

Inadequate App Store Optimization

“63% Apps are found by searches made in the App Store”- Forrester.

Getting your Application found among more than 2 million apps present in the App Store, is the biggest challenge faced by the Application proprietors. The concept of App Store Optimisation is based on the Search Engine Optimisation techniques, working on the keywords and title of the Application. The higher is the ranking of your application, the more is the probability of discovering the app at the App Store. An inadequate App Store Optimisation can restrict the app to a few users, hampering the chances of its success.

Keep a tap on the App Store guidelines

Before the Application launch, it is extremely important for a developer/ proprietor that the application abides by the guidelines of the App Store and Google play store. Your application can only be launched, once your app covers all the guidelines regarding the accuracy, crash and failure, UI Kit, App Kit, Watch Kit, Human Interface Kit, developer policies, etc. else it might get rejected. One should keep a tap on these guidelines, to ensure a successful App launch.

Skipping the Pre-launch Marketing Research and Campaign

Marketing plays a momentous role in the success of a product as well as of the organization. Strategic marketing in the pre-launch stage of an application – more like a process of targeting the right audience, creating the need, and then presenting the solution in the face of your product. However, the foremost thing before planning the marketing campaign is thorough market research to get an idea about your competitors, target audience, target marketplace, etc.

Pre-launch Marketing proves to be quite helpful in creating brand awareness through ingenious promotional schemes, reaching out to the customers, and collecting their valuable feedback to serve an accurate and effective application/product to them. Hence, vaulting the pre-launch marketing process can lead to major business losses.

Random App Release Date

Many proprietors take care of various factors related to the applications; however, do not pay enough attention to the release date of the Application, inviting the uncalled issues. Few factors should be considered while planning the App release such as an early announcement of the release date, being updated with the innovations as well as the ongoing trends in the tech world to plan a suitable date accordingly, and proper media coverage. These factors ensure that the app does not get lost among other technological innovations and gets ample attention.

Mistakes to Avoid After the App Launch

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