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5 Types of Belt Buckles to Look Stylish Effortlessly

5 Types of Belt Buckles to Look Stylish Effortlessly
Universal Elliot Corp is a custom belt manufacturer specializing in fabric and leather belts and accessories.

Belts have always been there. No one can say when exactly it came into being. Starting from the time it was used to hold the pants in the military to today’s fashion shows, belts have come a long way. Today, belts are more than just functional part of your attire. People can create a stylish ensemble using the belts. For designers, a belt is an important piece of accessory that can change the whole look. It can add a touch of glamour to whatever you are wearing.

While belts come in various materials and designs, the buckle is something that brings everything together. With the right belt buckle, you can easily create a stylish look. Here are the 5 types of belt buckle for creating a stylish look.

1.      Covered Buckle Belt

Covered buckle belts are very stylish. In this style, the buckle is of same color style as the strap. It looks good on dresses and tops too. You can buy partially covered belt buckles. If you are a designer, or seller, custom belt manufacturer can help you design your own style of covered belt buckle.

2.      Frame Style Belt Buckle

Frame belt buckles are the oldest style of buckle known. It is very traditional style with a simple square frame and prong. You can buy them with curved edge too. They are perfect for all type of occasions from formal to casual. If you want custom belts, hire a reliable belt maker or custom belt manufacturer. Many designers rely on leather accessories manufacturer to create custom belts for their shows. The frame style belt buckle can help you create a unique style.

3.      Box Frame Belt Buckles

Box frame belt buckles are another traditional style buckle and are associated with military. You may see this type of buckle on a web belt. The prong can be adjusted as per your needs. This type of belts too is very popular for all type of occasion from casual to formal.

4.      O Ring Belt Buckles

O or D shaped belt buckles are very popular type of belts. They particularly look good on dresses. They don’t have prong and it can be adjusted with the strap. It goes perfect with a semi-formal dress.

5.      Snap Buckles

The snap belt buckles are now very common for formal attires. It is easy to use and takes less time. In this type of belt buckle, one end of the bel is attached to the buckle and the other end is held by a catch.

The Bottom-line

Belt buckles are a great accessory for dresses, pants, and all type of clothing. The right buckle can make you look chic and stylish with little effort.

Author’s Bio

Universal Elliot Corp is a custom belt manufacturer specializing in fabric and leather belts and accessories. We have more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and serve a wide range of clients including Donna Karan Collection, Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Avignon Int’l.

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