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ReadersMagnet Review America Tonight by Kate Delaney| Jeanne-Rachel Salomon
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ReadersMagnet Review America Tonight by Kate Delaney| Jeanne-Rachel Salomon
ReadersMagnet Review America Tonight by Kate Delaney| Jeanne-Rachel Salomon

Shamanic healing is often dismissed by Western medical practitioners as “voodoo”. However, a recently published work reveals a breakthrough in this millennia-old practice.

Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon recently graced Author’s Corner in America Tonight with Kate Delaney. Dr. Salomon is the author of the book Soul Matters: Modern Science Confirming Ancient Wisdom: Healing at the Interface of Spirit and Matter. In this 12-minute radio interview, Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon talks to veteran host Kate Delaney about the importance of consciousness and how each person is composed of body and soul. The book centers on shamanic healing methodology and how scientific research can validate its credibility. 

A Union of Science and Nature

The interview began with Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon giving a background of her book. She explains that everything that exists is related to consciousness. As a shamanic healer, she believes that every person is not just body, but also the spirit and everything that exists within the field of consciousness is affected by it. Dr. Salomon shared that scientists and quantum physicists encountered and are puzzled by the existent of soul or spirit.

According to Dr. Salomon,

 “…even Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist talked about that consciousness is not just a byproduct of life but it is the underlying cause and he said, quote ‘if you are not puzzled by it, you couldn’t possibly have understood it.’ And that’s exactly what I learned about shamanic healing.”

Delaney and Dr. Salomon discussed the merging of shamanic methodology and her scientific research in studying the soul’s connection with the matter. Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon then discussed the non-ordinary reality and how it makes the shamanic healing methodology reliable.

While some Western anthropologists who refer to shamanism as “voodoo”, Dr. Salomon explains,

 “I understood that shamans, like everybody else, used their cognitive capabilities, their logic in as much as we do and in addition, they used their intuition. And that which allows us to punch in the world outside of logic- trust, intuition, intention, decree, that which we utilize to bring something about, to bring something into existence and I found out that it’s exactly what this source, this god, this unfathomable creative force use. That it is first, intention and then we can call it what David Bohm, was it? the physicist. He thought it goes from possibility which is the thought into probability and the collapses into actuality. So everything that we do when we follow this to bring about, we go through these stages even if we don’t think about it.

Confirming the Wisdom of the Old

Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon then proceeds with sharing her journey towards shamanic healing and how she spent time validating the wisdom of the shamans through years of research and spending time with them. She shared that it was an intellectual curiosity that led her to study non-ordinary reality. She then decided to find proof of her assumptions.

“I used the quantum EEG (electroencephalogram) method, measuring the brainwaves of both myself and my client during an actual soul retrieval and we’ve got remarkable results. I knew a scientist who did this brain mapping and he said ‘this now proves that shamanic healing is real…we now have proof in the diagrams.”

Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon also shared a second protocol involving taking blood samples and observing it in a microscope before and after a soul retrieval. She revealed that both their blood samples looked a lot healthier after the session.

Kate Delaney’s radio interview with Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon allows listeners a peek at Dr. Salomon’s extensive research on natural medicine and her vast experience on shamanic healing. Furthermore, the book Soul Matters: Modern Science Confirming Ancient Wisdom is a breakthrough both in the study of shamanism and soul retrieval. ReadersMagnet recommends the book as a must-read for readers who want to understand more about shaman healing methodology.

About the Author 

Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon, Ph.D. has a doctorate in natural medicine and studied anthropology and quantum medicine. Her research and study on indigenous shamans and Western healers lead her to practice shaman healing for more than two decades now.

For more information about Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon’s Soul Matters: Modern Science Confirming Ancient Wisdom, you can visit her author website

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