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Benefits of creating 360-degree animation video for your business product
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360-degree animation video is not a new term now. There are various industries which can benefit from 360-degree videos; marketers are stressing on it as it has the highest matrix of user engagement.

360-degree animation video or turntable video is not a new term now. Everybody knows what it is. As more and more online shops are growing on the internet, it has a strong presence across all the stores. The footage can be viewed by guiding your mouse, or with buttons enabled headset or on mobile as well. As it unfolds the whole product in front of the customer, 360 video production services are gaining a lot of revenue these days! All marketers now agree that it can be the best introduction to your brand. So, choose video production services wisely! Please don't settle for cheap quality as it can hamper your brand. 


Applications of 360-degree videos

There are various industries which can benefit from 360-degree videos; marketers are stressing on it as it has the highest matrix of user engagement. 

These types of videos work well when there is an emotional appeal to the story. The main reason is they can be part of the story in a more interactive way. If we look at numbers, only 12 per cent of businesses are using 360-degree animation videos. Out of these 12 per cent, almost 86 per cent of the videos are found to be effective. 

This is the right time to enter the market as it is less crowded right now. You will not only be the early entrant in this, but you also get the time to establish yourself, make mistakes and learn from them. 


360 Degree video makes a difference

Research shows that if you shoot the same ad, in 360-degree video format and regular video format, 28 per cent of the people watched the 360-degree video till the end. Click-through rate was 4.5 per cent.


Social media presence

Youtube opened its gate for 360-degree videos in 2015. They also worked with camera manufactures to make their platform compatible. Then it came into a public platform. 

Coca Cola first tried their ad in this platform and got 26 per cent more response than earlier. Then facebook came into the party and offered their platform to upload these kinds of videos. It did a significant thing to all these activities, because of facebook these videos are being analyzed and tested for user engagement and response times. Now, you also get to know which part of the videos are being watched again and again.  


Advantages of 360 Degree videos

360-degree videos are optimized for mobile viewing. It is an advantage because more and number of people are consuming video content on their mobiles, and it improves SEO rankings as well.  

So what are you waiting for? This is the most interactive video format available these days! 

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