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Functions of Gravity Convection Ovens

Functions of Gravity Convection Ovens
There are many types of gravity ovens according to the budget and needs of the customer.

Gravity Convections Ovens are made for the laboratory purposes used in industry research organizations  and schools for lab purpose .The process is based upon baking, curing, annealing, drying, sterilizing.


It heats the material without evaporate or by desiccate. Gravity Convection Ovens are used by Pharmaceutical or for manufacturing for this type of process


It is a combination of drying and baking which gives result that chemical composition get hard. For glues, glasses, rubber etc this phenomena is used for manufacturing and also in polymer research and in industries too.


It heats and then cool the substance means may be glass or could be steel to develop the elasticity. Mostly medical device manufacturing and material science industries use this process. The health care industries use stainless steel clean room ovens for syringes and catheters.


This process is use to remove moisture from product use for lab ovens. These ovens are used for drying process by environmental, clinical laboratories. As it is checked that excessive moisture or low heat tolerance are best for vacuum ovens. As they remove the moisture from sample and lower the boiling point of water by which the sample will get dry at low temperature also.

Biological, forensic and environmental labs have use of lab ovens. Below the points are given that how that these ovens are used for the research:

1. Forensic Lab has confirmed vacuum ovens as finger print development chambers,

2. Gravity convection ovens are hired by biological laboratories for removal of microbiological contaminants in lab ware.

Polyamide Baking

In this first the polyamide is added to oven in liquid form then it is thermally baked and then it makes a layer for different uses like buffer coating, chip bonding and many more types.


Sterilizing is used to sterilize lab equipment and glassware. In a hot oven, with the temperature of minimum 160 degree C which is being monitored for 45 to 60 min. After this the item is removed not direct from the oven until it cools as from straight away from oven can cause crack so slow cooling process is needed.

All the items which are to be sterilized have to dry first with temperature of 60 degree Celsius is acceptable when used in glassware.

Gravity convection ovens are planned to handle light weight samples like powder, films, fabrics etc. These are light weight materials needs natural air flow and for this gravity convection ovens are used as they do not have fan or blower inside the chamber. More important testing of two or more than two sample at same time is done and also avoids cross corrupt between samples.

There are many types of gravity ovens according to the budget and needs of the customer. Economical models which are powder coated cold- rolled steel in outer area and aluminum is given in interior part and to adjust temperature rotary switch is given. In premium range models are having stainless steel body and for temperature microprocessor controlled feature are given with time adjustment device and every unit gives high efficient heat which results low consumption.

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