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Points to Look Out to Before Buying HP Printer's Ink & Toners

Points to Look Out to Before Buying HP Printer
You might be thinking what's so big deal about buying a printer and its life supports? What's wrong in picking up any random printer, ink and toners?

You might be thinking what's so big deal about buying a printer and its life supports? What's wrong in picking up any random printer, ink and toners? Well, guess what, it is equally important like the brainstorming session that you do before buying a laptop.

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Some of you might be wondering in today’s paperless era who needs a printer? But you never know when the piece of paper comes to the rescue. Therefore, the following are some things to consider when buying a printer and its accessories.

Check the Image Quality

  • The quality of the image depends upon the need you are buying a printer for.
  • If you are designing or architecture company, you may require high-quality images to share with your clients. Then, consider buying the brother printer toner cartridge as the higher the quality of your ink or toner is, the best quality printouts you will get.

Inkjet or laser

Inkjet or laser - Lainks

  • After deciding upon the quality, fix upon the ink for your printer. Although there is no big difference in price between both if a very high-quality image at minimal cost per page is what you desire, opting for a laser printer than an inkjet one can be a better option.
  • Brother laser printer cartridge can fulfill all your needs compared to the inkjet ones in a faster and better way.

Printing Speed

  • Of course, the main function of a printer is to get things printed in bulk amount and if it lacks in that then it is of no use, right? Hence, before settling for anything, check out the volume of paper the printer you are planning to buy can print.
  • The minimum standard print speed is at least 10 colour pages and 20 black-and-white pages per minute and then check whether the ink and toner can give desired quality to all equally or not.

Paper Handling Ability

  • A printer and a paper, you can't force them to be together. You got to check their compatibility first whether they are made for each other or not or else it can turn out to be a huge loss.
  • Not all printers can take all papers. Always place the type and quantity of paper according to the printer you have purchased for.
  • Make sure the ink and toner you are opting for doesn’t damage the paper and gives the perfect output rather than double prints.

Re-manufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

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  • A cartridge is the heart of a printer. You have to get one that fits the make and model of a printer. If you find buying the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridge i.e the cartridge made by the company that designed your printer, as expensive, then remanufactured cartridges are a viable option. They are less expensive but their output can even leave the OEM ones behind.
  • Remanufactured printer ink cartridges are made from scratch using recycled OEM cartridge shells that have been inspected, tested, factory cleaned, modified with new internal components, and filled with ink or toner to the original factory specifications. It is advisable to buy a premium remanufactured ink cartridge from Lainks to get the best at the minimum rate.


The above were the major points one must consider while getting printer's ink and toner but apart from that, don’t forget to run a check for the ease of installation, protection services and support, pickup and return facilities, running costs, price and warranty before bringing it to your home or office.

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