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Get Complete Information about Property Boundaries by Boundary and Topographic Survey
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Before you build on your property or develop any parcel of land, it makes sense to get in touch with environmental surveyors who can perform an accurate boundary and topographic survey.

Before you build on your property or develop any parcel of land, it makes sense to get in touch with environmental surveyors who can perform an accurate boundary and topographic survey. The boundary survey is a method of finding, measuring, identifying, reporting, and analyzing your property’s boundary lines and their location. It may also reveal encroachments. A topographic survey is conducted to determine the land’s geographical condition, which can be useful in contouring and identifying the map. Both surveys are ideally performed at the planning phase of your construction or developmental project. Here are more things you should know about these surveys: 

  • Useful for creating a base map for your project – The contours and maps generated from the topographic and land boundary survey will be used as your project’s base map regardless of what it is. The results are versatile whether you are building a home, a commercial structure, residential building, road, bridge, or any other structure. 
  • The survey process of the topographic survey - Environmental surveyors conduct surveys below and above ground level. They will examine the utility poles, walkways, soil density, trees, manholes, and other materials found on your land. They understand that every aspect of your property will affect the outcome of the survey results. 
  • Conducted according to technical standards – Reputable surveyors follow technical standards and use the highest-quality equipment when conducting a boundary and topographic survey.  They observe the parcel of land and conduct the survey at state, county, and local agencies and offices to locate maps, plans, deeds, and other important documents to define the rights associated with the property and the location of the land. 
  • Not just measurements – It is important to know that the land boundary survey and topographic survey is not merely about taking measurements. They involve meticulous procedures to analyze the physical evidence of any boundaries and other crucial characteristics of the property. With the help of professional land surveyors, you can accurately identify and establish the actual land that you own. 
  • You need to have it done by experts – Be sure to hire only the most experienced environmental surveyors who have a proven excellent track record in conducting boundary and topographic surveys in your city or state. View their credentials and the types of people and companies they constantly work with.


About the Author: 

Armando Dupont, a professional land surveyor, started his career in surveying in 1977 and has extensive experience in managing personnel and projects. His experience includes: topographic mapping, boundary surveys and analysis, construction and control surveying, preparation of tract and parcel maps, earth work calculation and quantities, targeting and control for photogrammetric, and land title surveys in accordance with the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. Mr. DuPont founded Calvada Surveying, Inc. in 1989 and is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the State of California.

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