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Measure Your Property Through the High Standard ALTA ACSM Survey in California
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ALTA/ACSM surveying is the accredited land title survey for commercial purposes. It is conducted by approved land surveyors in the US, following a set of uniform standard code.

ALTA/ACSM surveying is the accredited land title survey for commercial purposes. It is conducted by approved land surveyors in the US, following a set of uniform standard code. The survey is typically conducted before the construction of a structure, making it a critical aspect of the project’s quality down the line. The purpose of the ALTA ACMS survey in California is to provide information that will assist builders, purchasers, and lenders in determining the property and the land’s potential risks. Moreover, it examines the potential benefits of owning that property.

Another reason to conduct a high standard ALTA/ACSM survey is for a project’s stakeholders to learn and understand the zoning laws, the height requirement for the property, and the setback requirements in California. Moreover, it can provide information on the property owners’ names, the existence of cemeteries, evidence of use by other parties, a legal description of the property, and zoning and flood zone classifications. Through ALTA/ASCM surveys, you can obtain information on the property’s easements and boundaries, and gain further suggestions for improving the land, such as roads, trails, fences, and rights of ways.

An ALTA/ACSM survey is more detailed than a regular boundary survey. Because of that, it is also considered a gold standard among land surveys. Commercial properties are typically high-risk investments, so it is only practical to make informed and smarter decisions that you will not regret, especially when it comes to the purchase, buying, or developing a particular property. Land surveys are critical to real estate buyers, property owners, developers, and landscapers as they reveal important data about the parcel of land, like its physical features, easements, boundaries, potential encumbrances, and others, like mortgages.

The survey method may provide information on the land where further investigation on possible adverse rights might be required. The results could show vital information that could affect the ownership of the land, such as easements and improvements, encumbrances, ownership, and boundaries. Be sure to hire only an established and respected survey team when you need an ALTA/ACSM survey conducted in California. That way, you can trust it to meet all the surveying expectations and the highest-quality and accurate results.

About the Author:

Armando Dupont, a professional land surveyor, started his career in surveying in 1977 and has extensive experience in managing personnel and projects. His experience includes: topographic mapping, boundary surveys and analysis, construction and control surveying, preparation of tract and parcel maps, earth work calculation and quantities, targeting and control for photogrammetric, and land title surveys in accordance with the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. Mr. DuPont founded Calvada Surveying, Inc. in 1989 and is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the State of California.

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