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Phlebotomy Technician - Six Great Reasons to Consider a Career in Phlebotomy

Six Great Reasons to Consider a Career in Phlebotomy

Quick Certification

Unlike other medical careers which require couple of years of education before one enters in Healthcare field and start earning, Phlebotomy is a short course and guarantees your entry in promising field of Healthcare. 
A phlebotomist does not need to spend precious four or five years in training to learn how to cure diseases or prepare patients for surgery. Phlebotomy is quite a specialized and routine job, and there are only few classes needed to get education and certification. Courses are taught at community colleges, health care facilities, or vocational schools.

So if you are looking for a career you can start quickly with minimal training, then you should consider becoming a Phlebotomist Technician.The educational eligibility required to enroll in Phlebotomy Technician programs is a high school diploma or GED. Most Phlebotomy Technician programs can be completed in few weeks. For example, at HealthStaff Training Institute, the Phlebotomy Tech certificate is designed to take four weeks to complete. Weekend classes are also offered, but those would take about two months to complete the course. 

Entry to Advance Medical Field

If you are interested in the Healthcare field but are not quite sure, becoming a Phlebotomist is an excellent way to earn some experience. Many people have started their careers as Phlebotomists and later went back to school to become nurses and medical assistants. It is also a great part-time job to have while attending nursing or medical school.

Since Phlebotomy Technicians can work in a variety of health care environments, they are exposed to many potential career options. For those looking to advance their careers, going back to school for additional certifications or even a college degree is not uncommon. Phlebotomy technicians can eventually go on to become Medical Assistants, Surgical Technologists, or a number of other exciting professions.

Job Satisfaction

Blood test does not sound fun, but a blood test is very vital in many cases and can save your life. Doctors order blood tests to help diagnose potentially harmful or deadly diseases that you might have. Blood tests can reveal conditions and diseases such as high cholesterol, anemia, infection, leukemia, HIV, hepatitis, and more. Phlebotomists need to know the proper techniques for drawing a blood specimen in order to get this important diagnosis process started. Knowing that you are helping patients in this way can be a rewarding part of the job.

Health testing relies on blood samples, which Phlebotomists take from patients’ veins. Blood banks are an important way for members of the community to contribute to everyone’s overall health, and their mobile vehicles are recognizable at colleges, high schools, churches, fairs, libraries, and at community events. Phlebotomists are important members of the community.

Professional Work Environment

Getting your feet in the field of healthcare can be a real step up in your career if you are looking to break into a professional field. As a phlebotomist, you may find work in a diagnostic center, hospital, or specialty office where the environment is calm and professional. You will work alongside other Phlebotomists and healthcare professionals who take their jobs seriously.

If you have been stuck in unfulfilling, unskilled jobs, this could be a career move that is very rewarding for you.

Job Flexibility

As a phlebotomist, there are several places in the health industry you can work. Phlebotomists can work in a doctor’s office, blood banks, hospitals, and labs. Most entry-level Phlebotomists began their career working in a hospital in order to gain experience to move up to higher paying jobs. You also have the flexibility of working full-time or part-time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most career phlebotomist reported their main preference for seeking their job was flexibility. They had the opportunity to make their own schedule and choose the location and duration of their work.

Phlebotomy is always in demand

Phlebotomists play an important role in the field of healthcare by drawing blood samples from patients, to be used for diagnostic testing. Blood tests can reveal a wide range of illnesses and diseases, so they are a very important tool for doctors. No matter what part of the country you live in, there are always persons needing intensive medical care.

Blood drawing is one of the most basic tenants of the medical profession, and nearly any patient who comes into a hospital for a diagnosis will have their blood drawn and tested in order to determine their problem. Whether you want to work in a hospital with other Phlebotomists or you would rather treat patients in a smaller clinic, there is no difficulty finding employment upon graduation.

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