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Building WordPress Mobile Apps? Check Out These Solutions to Common WordPress Issues
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Building WordPress Mobile Apps? Check Out These Solutions to Common WordPress Issues
Many WordPress development company converting the typical look, feel and user experience of WordPress into a beautiful and functionally superb mobile user experience is not less than a daunting task.

WordPress works awesome on mobile, and the plethora oe practically every required tool at your disposal. In fact, with many easy to use frameworks purportedly meant for WordPress app conversion, you can build and make the app live quickly enough. That sounds pretty impressive, isn't it?

But wait, most developers agree there are few recurring problems beyond the surface. If you are a newbie in WordPress mobile app conversion, you need to focus on these frequent issues. Let us provide here some time tested remedies for depressing WordPress issues, particularly for mobile app user experience.

WordPress login issues

WordPress developers all over the world cite login issues as one of the most common. Many wordpress development company practically made their whole development business as a solution provider for these recurring and frequent WordPress issues. Since WordPress is most used by individual bloggers besides powering many business websites and apps, most people have no clue about solving these issues quickly.

From the developers point of view, these issues can be taken care of in the number of ways. They need to recheck the plugins, themes and login files time and again just to ensure that such issues do not interfere with the user experience. Consider the following things.

  • Make sure that the WordPress login file namely wp-login.php file is not corrupted and is functioning properly.
  • Secondly, make sure that never two plugins interfere with one another causing ghastly login issues.
  • Lastly, if the WordPress theme has a custom login page make sure it is compatible with the core of the WordPress following latest update. If after updating WordPress every time, the theme causes such login issues, it's advisable to go for a different theme.

Choosing the right plug-ins

When it comes to adding features and functionality to a WordPress website choosing the right plugins is more important than anything else? Many plug-ins also have issues while working simultaneously. You need to be extremely selective to choose the plugins to make your WordPress site perfect for mobile. You also need to know which plug-ins work better in unison since one plug-in interfering with the working of other is a standard issue. Here are few important considerations about the choice of plugins.

  • To transform a site into a robust WordPress app both on iOS and Android, there are some powerful plugins like Worona, WordPress Mobile Pack, WordApp, etc.
  • When considering plugins always make sure that it has a preview and testing function to evaluate the final look and feel before the app goes live.
  • You should also look for plugins that support mobile monetisation efforts.
  • Choosing a plugin will also depend on the kind of look and feel you want to create with our new app. For instance, if you require infinite scrolling you need to choose plugins supporting this feature.
  • Some of the key features of plugins that you should look for when converting a WordPress site into an app include support for contact form, comment, social sharing, caching, offline reading, anti adblocker, etc.

Not looking enough native

As soon as your WordPress site is ready as an app to deliver a native experience you expect a Wow moment. But for most of the times, it ends up making a different impression. Most of the times WordPress mobile apps do not provide the kind of native look and feel you expect with other apps. There is a sinister gap between a mobile app and a typical mobile friendly website. So-called common rules of responsive web design it doesn't guarantee a native look and feels with WordPress apps.

The biggest problem faced by many WordPress apps is concerning the theme. The same theme that was working with your WordPress website may not be available with the new mobile app. Apart from that, the earlier theme may not look good in the new app. In either case you need to choose A new theme for both the website and the mobile app.

The standard solution to this problem is to choose a theme that works both on responsible websites and converted mobile apps without creating any glitches. But for websites that have been existing with a theme for quite some time to maintain the synchrony in look and feel they may need to build a custom theme that looks similar with the earlier one. Lastly, designing a new theme always has its distinct advantages as it can deliver a custom look and feel for a brand to represent both over the web and mobile app platform.

    Media loading issue

    Another common issue facing many WordPress developers is concerning media loading issues. When converting to a mobile platform for a native look and feel, you need to give attention to how media takes up the screen viewport and the time it takes for loading. Consider the following things.

    • Give utmost attention to the adjustment of the mobile viewport for video and media files.
    • Use dynamic caching for quick buffering while playing media files.
    • Always make sure that the files are automatically resized by a simple compressor plugin to ensure quick loading time.
    • Ensure consistency for size and display of all media files within the app.

    There are obviously several other issues that WordPress app developers frequently face. When converting WordPress site to mobile app platform the most important consideration is to ensure maximum fluidity, consistency, faster loading time and easy access to contents and features. WordPress for mobile app conversion is pretty equipped and robust but keeping these issues at bay is important.

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