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Process Involved In Producing Fashionable Couture
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New Fashion Technology in San Francisco is all about advancing fashion by applying technology.

New Fashion Technology in San Francisco is all about advancing fashion by applying technology. In the present scenario it is no longer enough to add sequins to an outfit or shape it in a stylish format because the fashion world is evolving continuously. The fabric that is the main component of a dress has to be reinvented so that clothes can be designed appropriately. Different types of fabrics are used for making garments but advancement is required to make the cloth more comfortable and skin friendly which is why inventive approaches aided by scientific technology is being utilized to create fabric for fashioning stylish outfits.

Elements to be determined for creating fashionable outfits

Novel approaches are already a part San Francisco Fashion Technology where fashion is not restricted to only designing but also includes different aspects of the couture. This nuanced attention towards details makes fashion technology a progressive field. Application of fashion technology is seen in various aspects of fashion designing, a few of these are discussed below:

·         Material: The fabric is the primary element or it can be also regarded as the raw material. Choosing a suitable fabric is necessary for making a perfect outfit. Each fabric cannot be draped in a similar fashion so it is important to understand the natural flow of a particular fabric before designing the dress. Similarly a clear idea about the outfit will enable a designer to look for the best possible fabric for representing the design and the style of a dress.

·         Designing: The term designing might not fully reflect the number of steps involved in crafting an outfit. The fabric that has been chosen for making the apparel has to be suitably designed. It is true that the same fabric can be designed differently to achieve different effects as far as styling is concerned but it has to be intelligently determined when one is trying to apply a design on a dress. Designing can be in the form of embroidery and printing but the pattern is a vital aspect because it should uphold the beauty of the fabric.

·         Shape: The contour of any outfit is extremely important. Again the quality of the fabric is important here because shape is quite dependent on the texture of the fabric. Experimental cuts on a particular fabric can work in terms of fashion but it has to be decided after proper consideration. The shape of a dress is a prime factor that will attract the attention of customers but if the shape of the dress is not in sync with the fabric and design then it will not be accepted by fashion lovers.

It can be derived that the above mentioned factors are not to be seen as separate from one another as far as the process of developing fashionable garments is concerned. Thus these three aspects are combined together to give rise to fashion and it is important to understand and evaluate all the three steps to determine the feasibility of a fashion garment.

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