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The Amazing and Magical Properties of African Shea Butter

African Shea butter has a lot many health benefits and it is used as a prime ingredient in almost all the beauty products. You can use Shea Butter for hair to enjoy gorgeous and manageable tresses.

African Shea butter has a lot many health benefits and it is used as a prime ingredient in almost all the beauty products. You can use Shea Butter for hair to enjoy gorgeous and manageable tresses.

Shea butter is not actually butter but it is the fat of Shea nut which is found in Saharan Africa. African Shea butter has the potential to cure a number of skin ailments and thus most of the skin care products make use of this butter. In a world where there is so much emphasis on using natural skin care products and being organic, the natural butter offers a perfect solution for all kinds of skin imperfections. Countries like Ghana and Burkina Faso are the major producers. Residents of both the countries use Shea Butter in almost all kinds of beauty solutions whether for the hair or the skin. The butter is also used for cooking purpose and in making chocolate at home. The super food is used extensively for hair and skin treatments.

The use of shea butter for hair treatment

Shea Butter is the best treatment for hair. Extracted from the nut of shea tree, the fat of the shea nut is excellent moisturizer for the hair. It can amazingly nourish the scalp and the hair. The butter moisturizes damaged and dry hair and benefits hair roots, hair ends and is an excellent treatment for split ends. It prevents the hair from wind damage and heat damage. The tree butter can fabulously repair the dry scalp. The butter gets absorbed quickly without clogging the pores. If the hair is color treated, it becomes manageable and silky. Even the butter which lacks the degree of refinement, it will deliver health benefits. Thus, Shea Butter for hair is an effective and safe treatment for damaged and dull hair.

What are the uses of shea butter?

African Shea Butter is the finest beauty aid used in cosmetics and skin care products. Applied on the base of the skin, the fat of Shea nut can eliminate acne marks, wrinkles and do away with other kinds of skin imperfections. Since it has medicinal properties, you can use it on skin burns as well. For making fried items also the butter is used.

The making of Shea Butter

Karite fruit is primarily used for the making of Shea Butter. Having soft flesh on the outer region, there is hard nut which you can find in the center. The soft pulp is eaten while the hard nut is processed to procure the butter. The harvest and extraction of butter is group activity performed by women folk of households who get together for this purpose. First there is unrefined oil which is extracted and then it is converted into butter.

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About the Author:

In the above piece, the author discusses the health benefits of African Shea Butter. You will also learn how Shea Butter for hair paves the way for beautiful tresses.

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