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Raise behavioral health
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Raise behavioral health
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Jessica Kamin, LMFT in Scottsdale, AZ have specializations in working children with challenging behaviors, families with special needs, infant and toddler mental health, and medical family therapy.

Jessica Kamin

Jessica Kamin LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Behavioral Health Practitioner- Infant Mental Health Clinician - Child & Adolescent Specialist-

You are overwhelmed and exhausted. You feel like you have tried everything to help your child. You have been looking and searching for answers from teachers, friends, parents, in-laws, and most of the time you just want to shout “ I have tried that and it does not work!” You have started to look for help in behavioral health which has been a whirlwind of confusion, long wait times, and unreturned phone calls. All of this is beyond frustrating and all you want is to help your child from this pain and raise over the challenges that your family is facing.

you did it, you found me, and I am here to help.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist or LMFT who specializes in children and adolescent family therapy. The LMFT status I have obtained means I have reached the highest level of licensure possible to practice therapy. I have been working with children, adolescents, and families for over almost a decade. I have experience working and volunteering as a Child and Adolescent Habilitation Specialist, Child Development Specialist, and as a Child Life Specialist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Also, I have experience as being a part of Arizona’s Early Intervention Program where I helped teach other professionals to learn the importance of Early Intervention. I have 6 years of experience as a teacher teaching multiple ages. I also have specializations in working with children with challenging behaviors, families with special needs,infant and toddler mental health, and medical family therapy. I have also been a part of hundreds of hours of research conducted at ASU through different projects that studied and researched how to raise mentally healthy children and families.

Association where I became an expert at helping children and families with behavioral health needs. I also obtained the role of practicing as an infant mental health clinician and was a member of the Infant Mental Health Coalition of Arizona for Birth to Five Specialization. I then moved into a group private practice where I was recognized as the first outstanding clinician of the quarter and became one of the most referred clinicians by schools, pediatricians, and psychiatrists in the east valley. I continued to further my education in therapeutic approaches and gain more experience helping children. I look forward to helping your child and family raise over the challenges you are facing today.

What sets me apart from other clinicians is that I value the systemic family approach to therapy. This means as parents you will be included in therapy sessions and kept in the loop about what is going on with diagnosis and treatment throughout the therapeutic process. After working with children for almost over a decade, I find that doing family therapy with children instead of just the individual produces the fastest and long-lasting results to make real change. Depending on age and circumstance I do offer individual sessions to children and adolescents but the parents will always be informed of progress and checked in with during the session to ensure proper communication and a healthy therapeutic relationship.

I also value a systemic approach to behavioral health and value communication between all providers in your child's life. If permitted by you and needed with treatment, I will have excellent communication with psychiatrists, pediatricians, and schools to make certain that your child and family is experiencing the best collaborative care available to ensure the wholeness of behavioral and physical health.

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