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Identity verification
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Identity verification Reduce Risk, Ensure Compliance & Keep Customers Happy

Melissa’s real-time identity verification service includes identity, ID and document verification, age authentication and global watchlist screening to establish the identity of a consumer or satisfy AML/KYC compliance. Easily tailor the service to your specific sign-up process and risk management requirements to ensure fast onboarding or ecommerce checkout while protecting your organization against fraud.

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ID & Document Scan Verification ID & Document Scan Verification
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Implement Safe and Secure Customer On-Boarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) Rules
Address Verification Address Verification
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Clean, Standardize and Format U. S. and Global Addresses
Name Verification
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Parse, Genderize and Create Salutations for Individual and Company Names
Email Verification
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The Simple Solution to Verify Email Addresses and Improve Email Deliverability
Phone Verification
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Ensure You Have Valid, Callable U. S. and International Phone Numbers
Address Autocomplete Address Autocomplete
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Melissa Global Express Entry makes address entry fast, easy and accurate

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Service Offering Service Offering
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Focused On Your Specific Needs Our comprehensive capabilities span the entire information security space. We offer a complete portfolio of services to help you define your strategy Etc.
WiseID plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture supports ootb. 1500+ ID, driver license and passport formats from various countries around the globe!
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Since 1985, Melissa has provided best-of-breed global address verification, identity authentication and contact data quality tools (name, email, phone) to improve user experience and KYC.