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The Zhongxinwang Beijing six months on 26th the 11 Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress third conference on 26th holds the final sitting, the conference votes adopted the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress after the Sichuan Wenchuan especially big earthquake earthquake relief work and the disaster resumes the reconstruction situation report the resolution.

The TOM sports news Beijing standard time on May 26 “North West Ze Newspaper” the news, some hearsays said that New Jersey the own basket through the intermediate inquired Zen master FeirJackson whether to intend to wield the own basket pointer, own basket president RhodeRope graciousness carried on has spiked a rumour, rope graciousness expressed that the own basket not had the contact through any channel and Jackson.
“North West Ze Newspaper” renowned Reporter AierNazuo Nepal thought that only if the own basket can obtain young emperor LeBronJames, otherwise they move Jackson with difficulty. “ESPN” reported that the own basket inquires Jackson through the intermediate whether to have the interest to teach the own basket, rope graciousness expressed that this news is not real. that is not really, rope graciousness said that I not have the contact through any channel and Jackson. The reason that Jackson can pull with the own basket relates, own basket new boss Mick Ha yiProletariat branch Love is the primary cause, the universal viewpoint will be this Russian super rich and powerful people will invite a famous commander-in-chief. Although has not been able to attain the foremost person in the field bamboo slip to let the own basket drop to the major suit training attraction, but the own basket can start out lets the Jackson satisfactory wages, this is the own basket most prominent superiority. The own basket can start out the high salary for Jackson, this generation of Jackson will not govern the own basket commander’s seal. If you are Jackson, why you do want to leave Los Angeles Lakers to go to own basket teaching Must know that Lakers in the next two years both will be the total champion candidate. If James keeps the Cleveland knight, Jackson has the possibility to become the knight head coach. If the James extension throws Chicago bull, Jackson may return to Chicago to teach. Certainly, if the own basket can snatch James, perhaps Jackson will consider will hold the post of the own basket head coach, but obviously before July 1 (player market opening the door date), Jackson not too possible to list as the own basket teaching candidate.

Last year Daxing District occurred one after another in three extermination massacres, first massacre’s murderer Li Lei has been sued, the second massacre’s murderer by the appraisal was neurosis, third massacre’s murderer Zhang Wei, appeared in court in this morning in a Beijing courtyard to stand trial. In the court, the Zhang Wei expression is tranquil, stated the committing a crime process very confidently.Suffers the human to coerce the heart fresh murderous intentionI that day was drink drink have been many, in addition is always coerced, wanted to grip him to vent.Speaking of the happening reason, Zhang Wei so explained.According to Zhang Wei introduced that on December 31, 2009 past 3:00 pm, friend Huang telephoned to him, to say evening treated in the golden kitchen range hotel eats meal, lets him pass. He has drunk the bottle red wine first in the home, then has gone to the golden kitchen range hotel. After having gone, saw Huang altogether to invite two tables of people, had about 20 individuals. Zhang Wei and Shen Youming et al. sits a table, Shen Youming sits right side him. Zhang Wei and Shen You through will hit tomorrow morning the ping-pong acquaintance in 2002, as for liquor table’s on other people, Zhang Wei majority of was not called the name.Shen Youming comes time has driven a white Jieda passenger vehicle, finishes eating the food walks, he wants to drive delivers Zhang Wei to go home, Zhang Wei agreed. Zhang Wei said that after his family downstairs, Shen Youming proposed that drinks the spot again, two people arrive at the entrance to sell in the hot very hot shop to drink, altogether has drunk bottle of white liquors and several bottles of beer, drank are many.
Drinks up the liquor, two people have gone to the Zhang Wei family.that day altogether has drunk three liquor, how I do return the families record are unclear.

I in hospital these days, think of my daughter specially, infers her very much, also feared that this face frightens her.Ms. Tang said.Yesterday newest progressThe husband brings the money to see Ms. TangHas been expelled the hospital ward by the mother-in-lawHas said oneself have not hit the wife Mr. Yuan, after it happened the third day (last Saturday) the night, has sent the strip short note to the mother-in-law: mother, sorry. I deeply am still loving Tang, also wants to give the daughter a complete family, please again give me an opportunity.
But Ms. Tang\’s mother is unable to forgive the son-in-law, the matter sends these many days, until now he is not willing to acknowledge that my daughter is he hits.Yesterday evening past 7:00, Tang Ms.\’s husband Yuan in Xian the poor hand was taking one numerous cash, appeared in the hospital ward, said that this money was sees a doctor to the wife.
you hit, how to think that I am your wifeMs. Tang covered the head with the quilt, said in the quilt, you exited to me, we did not want your money.exits, to exit, we do not want your money.

The link company analyzed is hit by the person robber has imitated the Q coin, at present the company started to return the inhabitant expense one after another When recently, shop area Di Cunjie electrical machinery plant dormitory\’s many residents paid the fixed telephone bill, discovered that has had 40 Yuan increment operation costs inexplicably. The link company analyzes, some people telephone through the connection box robber, and used electricity the phone bill to imitate the Q coin. In family phone bill inexplicable many 40 Yuan On July 5 the morning, reporter arrives at Di Cunjie the electrical machinery plant dormitory. Heard that reporter interviews the telephone bill incident, gathers 56 inhabitants. Inhabitant Mr. Wan pulls out is installing along with the telephone payment list, in the payment detailed project besides the month fixed expenses, the pronunciation airtime charge, but also some increment operation cost 40 Yuan. Mr. Wan said that their plot majority is retired elderly, simply did not know that has not dialed any speech sounds news telephone, presented 40 dollar increment operation costs inexplicably. Inhabitant Ms. Zhao said that their dormitory also had the similar situation, moreover is also not infrequent.
Ms. Zhao told the reporters, had a resident to split out own phone bill list, the discovery on May 30 about 1:00 am Xu Da the two telephones, the telephone conversation time about 10 seconds, expense altogether 40 Yuan. Ms. Zhao on family\’s phone bill detailed statement also demonstrated that has dialed two 168858 , regarding this, Ms.
Zhao fog water, did not know that this number does anything, oneself are simply has not hit.

Other, and does not need saying that but we have a dream chat, certainly before having a dream, in the heart had one kind of ideal, after then sleeps soundly, this kind of ideal realizes in the dream, the dreamland cannot stemming from the ideal outside. At that time was wonderful friendly princess the confidence to be already firm, therefore in the heart was often circling the Western Buddha, after as well as future merit line complete, how to rescue crosses painstakingly plunders, causes common people Dongdang to be extremely happy. She is being everlasting this idea, composed one kind of boundary to come unavoidably. That one day, she lies down on the bed, resembles rests must rests, Mongolia , thought suddenly in houseful three puts the light greatly, in the light emerges the Buddha dignified valuable elephant, the sixteen foot high gold buddha, goes against the Buddhist relics to shine, the under foot lotus flower obstructs.
The wonderful friendly male opinion, has then kowtowed, requested that the Buddha directs the wrong way. The Buddha said: the infinite time has not disappeared, the misery has not received, how then to become enlightened Can only the firm resolve endure hardship, repair holds, the mood from can be bright gradually. When to only like bright mirror, all can be aware.
Wonderful friendly also asked becomes enlightened date. The Buddha said: early! Early! Only waits you to obtain under Xumishan the white lotus flower, some people deliver you the Baiyu only thermos, that is you become enlightened, records is recording, my Buddha goes.

In happy marriage, the spouse already was not a specific person, precipitate in the years that you and Ta are in a few years however come down: An a tacit understanding, warmth, an insipid, one portion understanding, good-tempered. Love Ta is about to make Ra happy, this is a spouse.about acceptance: is in ancient Greek fokelore, sweethearts is fingertip of Buddhist monastic discipline on the middle finger of the other side, because they believe there have a hemal and direct heart. So the meaning of ring is intention acceptance! But there is how many love between the world can hoary head of life and death, the feeling that how many has again is OK everlasting You love so you choose to spend lifetime to get may not in all most, the may not that you love most can spend lifetime in all with you.
The lover of how many goes not to take each other this life, can hard make an appointment at the future world; And the mem and women of how many has walked along love to walk into what marriage won\’t cherish each other again however to pay. Remember cherishing the person that you love so, each insipid the last moment that regarding as today is each other depend on each other, well the hand of enclasp sweetheart, although Ta appearance is old already, although Ta is full of vicissitudes of life, that also is the lasting warmth in your memory. Did not forget to defend the acceptance to Ta, did not forget to pull the hand of Ta, one\’s whole life all one\’s life.about life: Life is like a dream, years callosity.
Suddenly turn one\’s head, just discovering the person is living is a kind of mood. Poor it may not be a bad idea, rich it may not be a bad idea, get it may not be a bad idea, break it may not be a bad idea. Everything is as transient as a fleeting cloud. Want, without giving thought to yesterday, today, tomorrow, can a day be suddenly enlightened is happiness. No matter kiss affection, friendship, love, can be being cherished forever is good intention affection.

The woman is bane, the man wants to drink, the man for feminine honor permits no turning back is too much, so bane also turned pleasant into the Qing Quan of clear or insurgent sea, carrying affective boat to take you to go Yuan Hang. Have must remember, in feminine sea, have calm, have surfy when. There also is Gu island of the heart on feminine sea, also have be indifferent water, have more look so that see forever, take the bank that be less than. When the woman becomes bane, must not be drunk, search againbanealso should notice to look whether become her extractbe indifferent water.
The woman becomes bane is man smelt, cannot blame a wife completely.

Put in inmost woman, forever bruise. The man is concerned about face-saving, what perhaps he can live at ordinary times is very cheesy, but when a person is alone, he can put down all dignity, put acoustical cry bitterly, long for her exclusive.
The man\’s love can be paid only all one\’s life, you are couldn\’t get, because you are not. If say one paragraph is inferior to the hand of feeling mutual affection of meaning,be unfixed, so the true love that a man fails, of the man spoony, of the woman amorous only dead ability is a dot.


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