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The Tenkobushi Temple School of Martial Arts

Since 2003, Tenkobushi Temple Martial Arts, now Tenkobushi Budokan, has been providing instruction in the martial arts in the Murrieta, CA area.
Address41571 Corning Pl Ste 115 Murrieta, CA 92562-7066
Phone(951) 304-1957
the most unique and advanced school of martial arts in the Temecula/Murrieta Valley.
Our school is founded on the principles of Saito Ninjutsu and we are proud to be the only school in the Valley teaching this authentic Japanese Ninpo (the arts of the Ninja warrior) style. Additionally we offer training in Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) and Jujutsu (hand-to-hand combat NOT! the Judo offshoot Brazilian Jujitsu) of the Samurai Bushi of Japan as well as instruction in Tai Chi Chuan.

Our goal is to help students enhance and empower their life through traditional martial arts training and values. We do not sell Black Belts! Only through hard work, diligence, perseverance and endurance, the characteristics that define Ninjutsu, can the goal of Black Belt be realized. Our arts are for the purpose of defending one's self and family against
real world threats and not for modern sports play. Achieving Ninjutsu Black Belt can only be realized through hard work, dedication and desire.

Courage: To face adversities of life such as peer pressure or bullying.
Respect: For themselves and others.

Honor: The adherence to moral and ethical standards.
Self-discipline: The fortitude and commitment to see things through from beginning to completion.
Responsibility: Holding one's self accountable for one's actions and accepting the consequences of those actions.
These traits enable the student to know and master themselves. With these skills they may accomplish any goal they set.

Our training is presented in the traditional manner emphasizing etiquette and history yet respects each student's uniqueness. Students are invited to explore for themselves what it means to embody the principles of the true warrior spirit. As well as developing skills for Highly Effective self-defense, students will gain increased awareness, energy levels and ease of movement to name just a few of the benefits resulting from training at the Tenkobushi Budokan. Students strive to break out of the ordinary and become extraordinary.
What you will learn?

As a student at the Tenkobushi Budokan students learn not only effective martial arts and self-defense; you will learn life skills. All techniques are explained at the student's specific level of training. As you continue your progress and begin to develop your understanding of the art, each piece of the puzzle is explained in greater depth.

Ground Work: Shikko (knee walking), break-falls, rolling, throws, locks, grappling and the basics of Saito Ninpo.
During this initial Phase students are not allowed to perform any of the training material from the standing position. You must learn to ground proof yourself and make the Earth your ally. Once students demonstrate their level of understanding of this material then standing techniques are introduced.

Mixed Martial Arts
For those interested in the current fad of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Ninjutsu has been the ultimate in this area for over 1500 years! Ground Fighting, Point Striking, Submission Techniques, Joint Manipulation, Strategy, Weapons, etc... everything other schools and hype misters are attempting to re-invent, or trying to add to their curriculum simply to charge students more money. We don't need to add anything to our training, you get it all in one art!

By Robert L. Humphrey
*We are pleased to say that we have no contracts to entrap students. Our Enrollment Package is available to all prospective students and parents for review prior to enrollment.

FREE OFFER 4 Ninjitsu or 2 Tai Chi classes or 2 Kenjutsu Classes.

Looks like we have won an award. We did not even know there were such things but thank you to those how have nominated our schools website.

If you are looking for the best Women's Self-Defense Programs that offer more than you need to check our theInstitute for Womwn's Safety and Personal Protection. They offer programs in Personal Protection (Self-Defense), Firearms Training, Vehicle and Travle Safety, Colege Safety and Teen Dating and Violence. Check them out now!

Since January of this year we have been offering a martial arts program for Autistics. Currently this program is available for those with high-functioning autism. Visit the
Autism Program page for information and registration.> Also see-Healing Thresholds, a support and education group for Autism highlighted a story about one of our students who has autism. You can read their article as well as the original by the Valley News at Martial Arts Provides Structure for Young Man with Autism To check out their web site visit our links page.

Check out CHIYOU no BAKA (Fool's Page). Simply click the link to read email from "real" martial artists.


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