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Cool Dog Training Inc

What is a Cool Dog? A family member that spends lots of time with the rest of the family – because it's a pleasure, not a hassle.
Address35581 Glenoaks RD Temecula, CA 92592-8431
Phone(951) 676-9622
What is a Cool Dog? A family member that spends lots of time with the rest of the family because it’s a pleasure, not a hassle. So when you take that weekend away, you bring your dog. When company comes to the house you won’t be putting your dog outside because there are hors d’oerves on the table. Explore our site, take the quiz, and contact us today to get your dog on the road to coolness!
Cool Dogs Don’t:

Our Training Philosophy
Teach your dog about our human environment and they will be great pets. Start as early as eight weeks of age if possible. Don’t delay, the clock is ticking as puppies brains are etched for life. If you’ve adopted an older dog, don’t worry because it’s a myth that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks.” We can teach dogs at any age. We emphasize the importance of trust and building a lifetime relationship with dog friendly methods! Dogs are easy to train if we make it worth their while in the beginning and continue with consistency. They generally pick up the behavior as a habit since dogs are extremely habitual. Everyone has fun your dog and you.
A Note About Positive Reinforcement
In the dog-training profession, positive reinforcement has become the only acceptable method for training family dogs (unless it is going to save your dog’s life, like for rattlesnake avoidance training). Long gone are the days of intimidating our pets and acting like alpha dogs ourselves. We have evolved and thank goodness! Positive reinforcement involves the presentation of a good consequence when the dog has performed (for example, you say, “come,” the dog comes, and you offer a treat or some good playtime). It increases the likelihood that the behavior will occur in the future. And it increases the likelihood that your dog will want to spend time with you and be the “Cool Dog” you have dreamed of having in your family.
What it means to be a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
When you hire a dog training company or individual, you are trusting that they are current with their training techniques. Educated trainers use effective, friendly training styles. So typically when people join this association they are demonstrating a commitment to continue their education. “Self proclaimed” trainers often use outdated, stern techniques thatcan ruin the bond you are seeking to establish with your family pet. Dogs are intelligent and capable of being wonderful companions when relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. Be a dog owner that you would want if you were a dog!
Visit the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and you will find an abundance of credible information about dogs. Perhaps mark this site as a “Favorite or Bookmark” and revisit often as it is an excellent resource. Also, see our Common Problems page for how to change unwanted behaviors like house training, jumping, digging, barking, etc.
See our Resources page for useful information about dogs!

I have a 6 month old male English Setter named Harry. He is a wonderful dog with a SUPER sweet personality but he still has some behavior problems that I cant seem to solve.
I always thought I was a pretty knowledgeable dog owner but this puppy has me beat. He bites (playfully, but still hard), jumps, barks if he doesnt get attention or is bored, steals food, gets in the trash, etc. Ive tried to show him that Im the leader and have him respect my position in our family/pack/group/etc., but he is having none of it!
I just want him to obey me and stop doing the bad behaviors. Please let me know what you would recommend.

Harry sounds like a very energetic, young dog.
Off hand, Id recommend either signing him up for our Beginning Good Manners Class or booking a private evaluation and consultation with me so we can get to the root of what is going on. Once that is determined, I will show you some exercises to do with him to start changing how he thinks and turn the undesired behaviors into good ones.
My private evaluation and consultation fee is $250 and includes two 1 hour sessions with me. A $125 deposit is required to hold an appointment date/time. Please let me know if you would like to set up a date.
Feel free to ask questions as Ill be happy to answer them.

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