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Gamescape North

Nick is putting the finishing touches on his store campaign for the Pathfinder RPG – the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path.
Address1225 4th St San Rafael, CA 94901-3008
Phone(415) 457-8698
We’re running a special hobby event this month that is open to all who are brave enough to accept the challenge: speed painting at its most skillful, for fun and prizes!

The complete rules and regulations for our contest can be found on our 40K forum, so make sure you read them carefully before signing up. And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We hope that you’ll be able to participate, because it’s going to be a legendary night of technicolor chaos!

The new Magic set is right around the corner, and we’ve got a trio of great events planned for the end of the month at Gamescape. Whether you want to run some competition before the boosters hit the street or join your friends in ripping open packs on the release day, we’ve got you covered. Read on for details on all three events and how you can be a part of the fun.
Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release Tournament – Sunday, Sept. 26th @ 12:00 Noon
Continuing our very fun and successful series of Magic events, Gamescape is pleased to be hosting another Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release spectacular! Scars of Mirrodin releases on Friday, October 1st. Our Pre-Release will take place one week before then on Sunday, September 26th at 12:00 noon. The format for this event will be a Sealed Tournament.

The Sealed Tournament will consist of one flight of entrants with the goal of the event to be completed by 6pm. Prizes will be given in the form of Scars of Mirrodin booster packs, promo cards, and some other nifty prize support that we have in the store. We regret that we will not be admitting players after 12:00pm SHARP, provided that there is space left on the day of the event. Please arrive as early as you can.
Scars of Mirrodin Release Tournament – Fri, October 1st @ 6pm

Scars of Mirrodin Launch Party – Sat, October 2nd @ 12pm
Join us for our Scars of Mirrodin Launch Party on the weekend after its release! All day in the store, 12 noon to 6pm, we’ll be running booster drafts and casual play. No matter what your play-style is, you’ll find some options for a good day spent with the new set.
Launch Party Booster Draft (1pm)
We’ll be organizing a Booster Draft tournament shortly after people arrive, preferably organized into 8-person pods. Entry will be $15 for three boosters (all three Scars of Mirrodin), with boosters given out as prizes according to placement, as well as foil promo cards also added in for extra prizes!
Launch Party Open Dueling

Coming up this Saturday, we’ll be running a great event for Warhammer Fantasy in the form of a linked-table, one-day campaign.Each terrain board will have an objective that affects other boards in play. As the battles progress, conditions will change and powerful magics will be unleashed. Bring your army and join the battle! Army lists of 1500 pts and 2250 pts will be used. If possible, try be ready with lists of both of these sizes. The entry fee will be $10.00 and there will be prizes galore for the winning side. At the end of the day, only one side will have the sorcerer Sorensis – maybe you will be the deciding factor!
The ultimate objective is to capture or rescue theSorcerer of the North!
A powerful Sorcerer has been studying in the North amassing great power and wisdom. The forces of Chaos have become aware of him and now seek to capture him, undoubtedly hoping to corrupt the powerful mage to their cause. An alliance is made to stop them. Forces are gathered and battle will be joined. The prize will be none other than the ancient sorcerer, himself, Sorensis.

The idea behind Gamescape’s Tournament Series sprang from wanting to provide our gamers with one set Saturday per month in which they could compete for cool prizes in a variety of games. To this end, we’ll be hosting a tournament each month with plenty of warning for people to prepare, practice, and read up on the rules to get ready. It’s a great chance for skilled and passionate players to show both their competence and gamesmanship, and also a cool environment to allow newer players to practice their chops as they work their way up to mastering their favorite sets of rules.

Our role-playing regulars surely already know about our two big events per month- Open RPG Night and GRPA. We’ve had some amazing game nights at the store, with an incredible community of like-minded gamers coming together to tell some great stories. We realize that perhaps this is not enough, so now that fall’s here, two of our intrepid employees are stepping up to offer some great gaming goodness on an easy-to-digest, once-monthly basis. Read on below for more, and let us know if you’d like to be a part of either!

Pathfinder Legacy of Fire Campaign
Nick is putting the finishing touches on his store campaign for the Pathfinder RPG – the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path. He’ll be holding one session per month on the second Monday of each month, our regular Open RPG Nights. Nick’s a great GM, so if you’re interested in checking out Pathfinder and joining the fun, give us a yell and we’ll set up a time to talk about characters. You can also follow what’s going on with Nick and the three other players so far on our forum. Under the Open RPG Night board, you’ll see the Legacy of Fire thread – jump on and say hi! The first session is slated for Monday, September 13th 6-11pm, so you’ve still got time to join in the fun.

Oh, and to any GMs wishing to throw a story in the ring for this month’s GRPA event on Monday, September 27th, we’re accepting abstract submissions now. What have you got brewing?


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