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Trilogy Guided Imagery ? Mind And Body Day Spa

licensed marriage and family therapists specializing in marriage counseling, relationship problems, addictions, anger management, teen difficulties,
Address5020 Campus Dr Newport Beach, CA 92660-2120
Phone(949) 296-7654
Dr. Price and Dr. Wilson Want to Welcome You. . . . .
Whether the hurt that brings you here today was caused by an individual, an event, or a lifestyle, the Counselors at Trilogy have the experience and training to help you. Listed below are some of the issues we have helped other individuals, couples and families resolve, and we would be honored to help you. For clients who have health insurance that will cover "out-of-network therapy providers", we can provide a "Superbill" for submission to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.
Couples in Crisis: Children in Crisis:

My Loved One Is Addicted to Pornography My Child Experiences Nightmares
The Relationship Has Little Or No Intimacy My Child Is Failing or Kicked Out of School
The Relationship is Verbally or Emotionally Abusive

-- Triggered by Past Ongoing Unresolved Hurts Anxiety Death of a Loved One
Depression Divorce Grief and Loss Guided Imageries For Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors Pain Management Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Panic Attacks

We are offering a Premarital Counseling Program. It is an 8-hour program designed to explore and discuss all aspects of preparing for one of the biggest transitions in your life. Marriage has so many different pieces to be discussed, yet for many who are getting married, a lot of the pieces of marriage are never discussed or even considered prior to marriage. We have included a comprehensive list of some of the most important areas in your marriage, and the therapists at Trilogy will guide you through each prior to the date you become "Mr. and Mrs".

The areas we will discuss include: Effective Communication, a Relationship Factor Scale (this is an excellent tool for gaining insight into how each person is effectively communicating their own needs, hopes, desires, and expectations with their partner), Housing, Money Management, Education, Employment, Health, Religious Matters, In-Laws and Relatives, Children, Sexual Adjustment, Leisure Time and Wedding Plans. There will also be available a personality assessment for each, as well as guided imagery sessions to allow you a chance to learn the benefit of being able to control your own anxiety prior to the big day!

Life is seldom free of painful events and deeply felt suffering -- it's how we respond to our difficulties that will ultimately determine our overall quality of life. Seeking therapy is one way to respond to life's struggles, and indicates a willingness to do something proactive and courageous about your difficulties rather than hiding from them. We offer therapy for a wide variety of issues, including marriage counseling, anger management, pain management for cancer patients, teen counseling, grief counseling, depression, anxiety, addictions, domestic violence or if you are going through one of life's many challenges. If you are seeking therapy that offers a gentle, holistic approach to healing your emotional, physical and spiritual pain, we can help. Please call us at 949.296.7654 or email us at

Mickey Wilson, Ph.D. and Linda M. Price, Ph.D. have been Verified by Psychology Today. When you see this seal, it means Psychology Today has verified the following: The name and contact details of the professional. That the professional is not subject to any restrictions.

"When you share pain, there's less of it, and when you share joy, there's more of it" S. Robinson from "Fivesight"

and transform your broken spirit. . . .
You have come to us because you are in pain, and we hope you realize that because of your willingness to seek help. . . .your recovery has already begun. Now we invite you to "come share your pain" with us so that we can offer the added help you are seeking. We feel that our years of training, experience and helping others will provide you with renewed possibilities for greater insights, solutions and hopefulness.
We pride ourselves on offering our clients the most effective counseling options for your complete and holistic recovery, including Mindfulness which encourages you to stay focused on what is happening "in the moment", Cognitive Behavior Therapy which teaches how your thoughts will determine how you feel and how you feel will ultimately determine what actions you will take and the consequences of your actions (both good and bad), and finally we offer Guided Imagery which joins the whole person -- the body, mind and spirit -- in the healing process so that a complete and holistic recovery can occur.
The practice of "mindfulness" was first introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and teaches us that "We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now". Too many times, the current issue that we are trying to resolve gets mixed up with unresolved anger and resentments from the past, and intense anxiety and fear over future uncontrollable events. So, the "thing" that made you feel so hurt never completely gets resolved and its impact lingers inside, triggering old feelings of depression, sadness, grief, loss, abandonment, worthlessness, and a host of other equally self-defeating feelings.
While the counselors at Trilogy believe that staying "in the moment" mentally and emotionally helps, equally important are the automatic "thoughts" and "mental images" that play over and over again that have a direct impact on your mental, emotional and spiritual health. From these thoughts and mental images, a "story" develops about how you view yourself, how you view others and how you view your future. The counselors have expert knowledge of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and understand how your thoughts can impact how you feel, and then how your feelings can have a direct impact on the behaviors you choose to respond to your feelings. This sequence of events that literally takes place in a matter of seconds -- from thoughts, to feelings, to behaviors -- can either enhance your life at the moment, or cause an eruption of unmanageable and intolerable emotional pain. For example, when you have a random thought of rejection (even though there is nothing happening at the moment to make you feel rejected) old feelings flood the body with stress related and anxiety building hormones and chemicals. The body gets ready for a fight for survival and your anxiety increases, your depression deepens and there is a sense of hopelessness that anything will ever change -- the thought "I am worthless" may even pass through your thoughts. Harmful thoughts and memories that play over and over again are exhausting, and to find peace, we want to "turn off" the story being played out in our head by doing. . . .something! Staying "in the moment" to deal with the problem at hand becomes almost impossible when we are "feeling" overwhelmed by emotions and must "do something" to lessen our feelings of intense anxiety, debilitating depression or uncontrollable anger. Harmful words are spoken, hurtful and mean-spirited behaviors are displayed, we turn to isolating ourselves and using alcohol or medications to help us feel better, or we take back control over our lives through many dysfunctional behaviors. All of these choices, and many other self-destructive behaviors, are designed to reduce the intense depression, anxiety and even self-loathing that we are feeling "at the moment". Unfortunately, these behaviors do nothing to change or reduce our feelings, and the pain continues.

As you learn how to manage your thoughts, soothe your feelings of anxiety or depression and broaden your choices in life, you will be encouraged to learn the meditative qualities of Guided Imagery. This is an optional therapeutic choice that we offer our clients in order to bring the whole counseling experience to closure. We can teach you how to relax your mind, relax the body and learn how peaceful and restorative it is when you feel "whole" once again. By completing your healing holistically through the use of Guided Imagery, a profound sense of how the harm in your life has affected you can finally be achieved and once and for all. . . .transformed.
From their combined training and experience of over 35years, Mickey and Linda can help you change your life forever. New solutions, greater insights, successful healing and life's transformations are locked deep within you. . .just patiently waiting for your attention. We will help you access your own unique hidden strengths to restore balance, serenity and health back into your life.

Linda M. Price, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Guided Imagery Therapist
Mickey Wilson, Ph.D., APA Board Certified Professional Counselor, Certified Guided Imagery Therapist


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